Ble signal dropping

I want to use ble devices for Presence detectie with the beacon app.
I have played with Several brands of ble devices. Like tile, itag, pebblebee etc. What i see is that hen a ble device is in range of Homey the signal drops end in a time it comes back. I throughout that is was the ble device so i tryed a other brand i have still the same problem. I made a flow with time delay but that is also not working because the time between dropping signal is random…
My question is now is the ble signal of Homey dropping can anyone answer my question. Or had anyone a realible solution.

The signal is dependent on the rage. How further the beacon is from Homey how inaccurate the signal is.

I know, even when my beacons are nearby the Homey less than a meter. Stil the BLE signal is dropping frequently. So i think that the signal from Homey is dropping because i have this problem with all my beacons. Do anyone know how to measure this. Thanks