Best IDE to check / develop Homey Scrips offline

(Tried to look for possible earlier topic on this but did not see)

Any advice what offline (free) IDE (or similar) would be best for to test simple code outside of Homey Pro?

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (not Visual Studio) is a nice tool for entering and validating JavaScript.

I just pasted a homeyscript into it and it validates OK and shows the code with colours highlighting different bits of JS and automatic identification of bracketed code.

However, it can’t do any testing beyond code validation without a Homey environment. Also it cannot give you intellisense relating to Homey objects like the Homey IDE does - although it’s JS intellisence is pretty good. I would think those are issues for any IDE running offline.


Should have checked before posting. There is a Homey extension for VS Code.

Looks like it oriented towards app development, and I don’t see any facility to run tests from within the IDE.