Backup, Restore and Migrate functions for Homey

If I am on a party and I don’t like it or would do it different, I should not complain to everyone around me hoping the host will hear it and know. When entering this Party (Welcome) they clearly stated that you should talk to the Party Organisation (in this case Support) if anything could be done to make your day :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:

And of course they know the mood on their party, it just doesn’t help complaining to other party guests. Ther is just more fun in the other party area’s where guest have fun!

I suggest everyone thinking Athom SHOULD read everythin on this forum looks at his own profile, compares his own read time with the time necesary to read te forum by looking at a couple of moderators that even won’t/can’t read everything.

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Just think about paying extra salarys for 17 day x 24 h to a developer or to a Community manager joining and listening everywhere on the party. I understand their decission.