Backup: Make it possible to store/lock a "Master Backup" for later use

I wish there where a way to store/lock a “Master backup” for later use.
I’m out traveling a lot and when serious errors occurs in Homey or pheriperals when i’m away, the window of 7 days of backup is to small.
Please add a option for storing/locking a Master Backup. I.e by allowing the possibility to store or lock one of the seven day backups as a master backup)

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Athom is not represented here in the forum.
But you can contact Athom directly. How? Please read the following post:

You can disable the automatic backup and decide for yourself when you want to create a backup. You can also delete backups that are no longer needed. So it’s your responsibility.

Thank for the link.
Yes, disable/delete backup is the only solution for the time beeing.
Anyway, it would be great if we could be able to create a Master backup.

You can request the implementation of new features trough

Or use the feature request page
Also visible in the topic of post#2

Please do Request this.
I did request it some time ago, theynresponded they liked the idea.
The more requests, the bigger the change.

Request sent.


This would be great. I also need to be able to it …