Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0

My experience with the android App is so far is pretty annoying. (using Samsung note8)
There is still NO TABLET Optimized app available which maybe… will make the user experience a bit better, but also the previous app they still did not added the tablet mode.

The app is somewhat okay you can quickly access your devices and turn them On or Off, but the biggest hurdle is creating Flows.

Iam 10 times longer busy with creating a flow than with the Desktop app or in the WEBIF. The sliding of the When AND Then Columns are frustrating, you loose overview how the flow is connected or what was wrongly configured.
Setting up the parameters in a card is going an level deeper, by tapping the card to go into settings, which loads 1 or 2 seconds feeling slugish.

It also takes longer to load, tested from my office aswell through 4G and company Wifi than directly from my local network at home.
The App often freezes up during loading of your flow. When you use the DESKAPP/WEBif connected through a
LAN cable things run faster and more stable.

So overall feeling is slugish slow and frustrating is setting up flows by loosing the Speed of configurating flows and overview. Specially complicated flows with multiple flows is

Athom should have kept the WEBif. I suggest that Athom should have a POLL on the Site WEBinterface or Mobile APP. You will have better insight what your customers will say and their USER Experience.

P.S. What happens if i loose my phone, i cant control anything anymore I need an phone first, a WEBif could save the day if it still existed !