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Great to see they got your questions Henk, and also Pete…

Was happy they also got mine to regarding HomeKit support.

After all this time is good to finally know what the deal is with Homekit and at least now know why it’s not supported. If they had informed the community years ago that its due to Apple, (not them) then it would of saved a lot of grief, worry and unnecessary resentment.

As a company hopefully Athom have started to realise that they really need to communicate and interact with their user base rather than do the “sit in an Ivory tower” approach they’ve done up until now and openly start communicating with their own user’s and customers…

From the video it sounded like they want to do more of these Q & A sessions. If so that’s fantastic… I think every 3 months or so would probably be ok…

Maybe Athom are starting to turn a leaf… :smiley:. Fingers crossed., :crossed_fingers:


Setting up Homey Pro as both a security system (Fire and burglary protection) and a smart Home, we need a system that can handle large number of devices. With the very limited number of Zigbee devices supported by Homey Pro, we need more zigbee hub`s that can be connect into Homey and by that be able to handle more Zigbee products. Today we have done the integration of the IKEA Trådfri gateway which is a great approach to solving the big limitation to Zigbee devices.

With this in mind, please also add support for the Aqara G2H Camera, which is booth a Camera and a Aqara hub.

I bought a homey bridge, the issue are that I can’t install any apps on the bridge, I can search for the apps I can press install, and it looks like it’s installing, but nothing are being installed, it’s the same from the web interface.

And I’m in the beta program. :wink:

Can you give some pointers on that?


Additional info: Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)