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Yupp did that a couple of times. Doesn’t help im afraid. Have one last thing im going to try ill get back on that one in a while.

OK i think i just figured out what is wrong. :wink: It looks like it do not like the characters in my village name. It works when going strait on openweather on the API JSON request. But looks like it might be that the app dont like ÅÄÖ as characters in the location name when sending it onward… I tried Paris,FR as a test and that worked.

I removed the optional city name and let it use the location LON and LAT and then it did a proper location even saying the same name i wrote in the optional field. :wink:

Hi Teddy,

Ah! Thanks for reporting, I’ll look into it :+1:

Regards, Anne

This is fixed in the next version (waiting for approval by Athom) :+1:

I should add a ‘test’ button/additional check on whether OWM can find a location for the given input. However, right now I have other apps that need some TLC first…

Found out something strange now (running v2.0rc9). I can only have one instance of OWM running. If I have one, it works fine, but if I add one more (for instance weather for 5 days ahead)*, the new one will update as expected, but the old one will stop to update. I have unique api keys for each one.

*This one is used for predicting the temperature when I go to work in the morning the next day.

I use Openweather app with the current and the 5 day forcast.
But for some reason the current data isn’t updated , the 5 day forcast gets a update every 30minuts.
Do i need 2 api keys?
When i restart the app both are updated, but the current weather only once.

That’s s known bug. It seems like it’s an issue at OWM’s side… I think even with two keys this doesn’t work but if you succeed, please let know…

With one API key you can make 60 calls per minute, so that’s more than sufficient given the slow update interval of the OWM API, you can add 100s of sensors before that becomes a limitation.

Previously I have seen some gaps in the data for the 5-day interval (which can be spotted in the insights output), I personally have never seen this for the current interval (but heard about it… ;-)).

Since one table has continuous data while another may have gaps over the same time period, it doesn’t look like a connectivity issue. Also, in that case you would expect occasional small gaps, and not the large gaps that seem to occur every now and then.

Note that in case OWM doesn’t have any updated data for a location in a certain timeinterval, the Insights data/graph in Homey will not be updated, the app will only update data in the current time interval if it differs from the data in the previous time interval. This is the default ‘as designed’ Insights behavior as recommended by Athom.

I guess I could change this behavior and log data each time it is polled, even if it is unchanged. In that case you would not see a gap, but a horizontal line with a dot at each polling interval. And if you would see this line, it would prove that the connection to OWM is OK, but that the data has remained unchanged (and if there are dots missing on the line, it would mean the connection to OWM failed at that point).

For this type of app I guess it would make sense. I’ll have a look (one of these days…).

The issue may well be a limitation of the free API, the availability for the free API is only 95% (according to OWM: https://openweathermap.org/price.

Hi Anne,

Thx for your reply and taking the time to figure this out.
When i check the current and forcast data , all the values have a timestamp.
So i also think this is not a connection issue.

My current data wasn’t updated for 20 hrs.
I think the behavior change is not the solution, the polling times gets updated but the data doesn’t.

Ah, ok. That confirms the missing data is an issue with OpenWeatherMap itself, in those intervals OWM simply has no updates of the data.

I guess the good news is that I don’t need to change the app. The bad news is I can’t do anything about it… We will just have to live with it (like the weather itself :thinking:) :wink:

Where can I enter the API ?
I have a Homey v2.0

you can enter the API key under the advanced settings of the device for example current weather.

I found it,. Thanks

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Great app Anne!

I’m using the app for several days now, but never noticed an update of the item/tag Rain (Regen).

Thanks, glad you like it :+1:

This is from the ‘current’ weather data, right? I have noticed it too, on occassion there is data on rain/precipitation, however it happens quite rarely in the ‘current weather’ data, and frankly the rain data (or lack thereof…) is useless for flows.

Unfortunately this is a limitation in the OWM data. You can work around it by using the triggercard ‘the weather had changed’ and the conditioncard based on the weather description (‘The weather is:’ then you can select ‘rainy’), this is much more accurate.

It’s from the ‘current’ indeed. Thanks for the info. I’ll work around it. :+1:

I’m using this app now but to be honest I do not unerstand how its working.
I am able to add a device but I do not understand the difference between the 3 options.
I also don’t understand the figure to put in the device at 16 days and 5 days.

I did make one devices offe 5 days. the figure I didn’t change (0)
The items at the device sometimes update but they are all different and never show the current value (some are refreshed 3 minutes ago, some 7 days???) What are these values saying? In what time schedule are these values, 3 hours in front?

How to handle these in flows?

I also tried using the current device. These almost never update the value?

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Have you read the ‘readme’ in the appstore? It includes an explanation of the different types of data that can be polled from the OWM API. Heck, I’ll copy it, see below (probably more readable in the app store though, including some Homey V1 screenshots).

There are limitations for the (free!) service. Data is updated at regular intervals, but the ‘‘current’ data may be up to 3 hrs old for instance, and data in the 16 day forecast may only be updated once in 24 hrs.

And the availability of the free API is only 95%, so every now and then data may be missing (meaning it is not updated). All in all, ‘your mileage may vary’.

OpenWeatherMap-app for Homey

This app allows you to poll the OpenWeatherMap API for localised weather data and use this in your Homey home automation flows. Several instances (locations) can run simultaneously.

Current weather

The ‘current weather’ data comes from the OWM current weather data, refer to http://openweathermap.org/current.It includes visibility, sunrise and sunset data which are not included in the forecast tables. Note that the max. and min. temperatures in the current data indicate the possible range in which the actual temperature is expected, it can be seen as a measure for the standard deviation of the current temperature.

Forecast up to 5 days

The five day forecast data (refer to http://openweathermap.org/forecast5)includes forecasts in 3-hour intervals up to 5 days in the future. During pairing you can choose the 3-hour interval you want to have weather data from. Interval 0 gives you data from the currently running 3-hour interval (between one hour ago/two hours ahead) which should be close to the current weather. Interval 8 gives data 24 hours ahead, etc. In this dataset the maximum and minimum temperatures are the expected maximum and minimum temperature, as you would expect.

Long term weather

The long term weather forecast gives data for up to 15 days in the future, in daily intervals (refer to http://openweathermap.org/forecast16).Included in the data is the daily, morning, evening and night temperature.

The OpenWeatherMap polling is inspired by the ‘openweather-apis’, refer to https://github.com/CICCIOSGAMINO/openweather-apis.

Please use the forum for questions and comments related to the app: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/4225/.


The mobile interface looks as follows:

The pairing view:

https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1ySEJ4snD5MFySJYJ1d_3hQvQc2HwxYHN " >

Settings can be changed after pairing. By default Homey’s location is used, optionally a different location can be entered, either by name (city and countrycode, e.g. ‘Paris,FR’), or by entering a zip code.

Both methods can be tested by querying the OpenWeathMap site directly. For testing a location by location, enter the following (fill in your own combination as well as the API key): https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=<city,countrycode>&APPID=<API key>

For testing a zip code, enter the following in a browser (fill in your combination as well as the API key): https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?zip=<zipcode,country>&APPID=<API key>

Flow cards

For nearly all parameters trigger and condition cards are included, see screenshot for most flowcards available for the current weather:


To use the app, you need to get a (free) OpenWeatherMap API key at http://openweathermap.org.

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So this is a normal pocture off the app?
Values from 4 minutes up to 8 hours updated