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I’m sure that’s the cause, Ronny

They are, thanks!

The 0 hours setting in hourly forecast now works indeed: :heavy_check_mark:

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A new testversion (0.1.5) is online adding the daily forecast device for OnecallAPI.
Please be aware I forgot something to implement with this amount of triggers and conditions :sweat_smile:

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Hi Ronny,
Will it be available for the Homey Bridge? Hear great things about this app… Hope to hear from you. Grtz Dennis

Hi Dennis,
this app will not be accessible on the bridge.
Technically it’s no problem because all is done via cloud-API, but…

  • OWM would have to develop this app (or hire me to do)
  • The developer would need a to be a ‘validated developer’
    I can’t imagine that OWM is interested. And our way of individual API keys is something, that is not welcomed by OWM.
    So sorry, at the moment not.

A new test version ist online


  • changed some icons to keep a commen material design
  • changed capability values for moon phase (moon only, text was too long) and wind direction (including arrow and translated direction names).


  • fixed capability title (wind speed for km/h/ wind strength for Beaufort)


  • Corrected some text translations (wind speed/strength).
  • adjusted unicode characters for wind direction. Please report if it’s not shown correctly. It seems, the possible unicode charaters are different on mobile devices.

The new app version is online.
Because of the big changes a new thread was started for a new beginning.

Please follow me here…
:arrow_right: https://community.homey.app/t/app-pro-openweather/61482

@Admins: Please close this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

Found a small omission in the timestamp of my “Luchtkwaliteit actueel” device. I’m using version 1.1.11
The timestamp is not correct

[EDIT: typo in versionnumber]

Hi, I just adjusted the “new” device types (OneCall), not the deprecated ones.
I will take a look at it. Other way you can use this as a reason to move on to the new devices :slight_smile:

Edit: Please use the new topic from the last post.

Please continue here: [App][Pro] OpenWeather

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