Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

You have few options:

  1. use momentary switch instead of toggle one and you will toggle ON/OFF target device based on contact ON commnad.
  2. create virtual device changing status based on door sensor status (2 flows will be needed) and based on that virtual device, trigger other flows.

Hello Igy,
Thank you ! a virtual switch is perfect for this! i can use this to ad just 2 more flow’s (off/on) and ad as much inputs as i want for the room with 3 switches) then i just change the flow and add extra ‘if’ light is off then … and ‘if’ light is on then…

FYI, temperature/Humidity Sensor (WSDCGQ01LM) lost connectivity with 67% of battery…I was not able to pair it again at all (even LED was blinking etc. - nothing indicated problem with battery). As last attempt I replaced battery with another CR2032 - the old one had 2.9V (in case of nominal 3V that should be ok, but I didn’t replace the battery for more then 1 year…) … so just when you will be handling any issues with your ZigBees, check battery as first ;-(

Thats why, the only good way to measure the battery, is when its in use.

A battery can have enough power when testing outside the device, but not when its actully in a working device

trying to get an Aqara wireless smart switch connected through this App. Continuously facing the issue that it doesn’t recognize it and marks it as “Onbekend Zigbee apparaat”. I’ve gone through this thread, but couldn’t find a potential solution. This one is a WXKG06LM. Any ideas?

Did you use the forum to for example search on the text: WXKG06LM

Took me 5 seconds. But anyway it is supported with the aqara app with V5 experimental. When you are on v4, you will have to wait till V5 is available or go experimental.

Thanks, I guess I made a typo in the search function. Now found it myself too!

Anyways, thanks for your response and your search training :wink:

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Hi Ted

Will the aqara roller shutter be incorporated in to the app. How long will it take before it is in the app?

Kin regards Sander

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Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee | Homey

Hopefully someone can help me with my issue.

I was trying to pair a motion sensor to homey but I thought it failed. After a while I noticed that homey added the motion sensor but it was unreachable and not known to the network. Ofcourse illustrated with the red explanation mark so I wanted to remove this unknown sensor.

Unfortunately I could not remove this sensor and did get a error with the following text : status.invalid_ieeeaddr

I already restarted homey through the app and did a PTP. Via the developer page, no zigbee device which is unknown but I can see the sensor at the devices tab on developer. Unfortunately no possibility to remove this type of sensor through developer.

Does someone have an idea?

Maybe try to disable the app and try to remove the device. Enable the app afterwards.

Thanks for answering but already tried that. Got a error: couldn’t find driver.

I already did a PTP but plugged it in after a few seconds. Tomorrow I’m gonna do a PTP and leave homey without power for at least 10minutes.

Did you also try to pair the motion sensor near a ‘powered zigbee router’? (not the homey self). When I would like to pair a device, I have to hold the sensor near my Innr SP120 (zigbee smartplug).

Has anyone had the same problems with the Aqara temp/press/humidity sensors (square ones) as below? 3 other sensors work flawlessly.

Bathroom (see below)
Humidity shortly peaks at 654,4% (increase of 619,5 %)
Pressure shortly drops to 990mbar (decrease of 1 mbar)
Temperature shortly drops to -100 °C (decrease of 120,8 °C)

Balcony (see below):
Temperature shortly drops to -14,59 °C (decrease of 39,52 °C)
Humidity shortly peaks to 184,08% (increase of 94,28 %)

Already repaired and replaced the batteries. I am on Homey v5 rc59.
Would both sensors be faulty?

Al fine here (temperature, humidity and pressure), I have 5 of them.

I had a similar issue. In my case I think the cause was that the sensor was at the edge of the range, outside under a shelter. Humidity spiked sometimes (also to 654,4%), interval of update in values showed variation although the temp changed, only humidity and pressure changed and not the temp (although there actually was a change). Thought the sensor passed away and bought a new one.

Placed the ‘old’ sensor inside, more close to homey, changed the battery, the sensor itself dried up (the mist caused humidity in the sensor I think) and now it seems to be working again. Placed the old and new sensor a few cm apart from each other indoor to do some parallel testing. I have bought an extra router device and will start testing outside again after it is in.

No issues with 4 of them, of which 1 in the fridge (-18) and one outside (sheltered).
The sensor in the fridge even follows the outside pressure trend nicely. :slight_smile:

Thx for pointing me out to those posts on Github, @Sharkys.
I am not on Gihub. Do you still need more reports, @TedTolboom? Any idea if this is something you can do something about or investigate?

[EDIT]: Turns out I had a Github account after all. :slight_smile: Posted my findings and diagnostic report there. Saw the problem was is marked as a bug.