Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Thank you Ted for quick answer.

Two reports was done. Name Yahooeyu


Second :


Hi @TedTolboom

Just for letting you know, I’m testing the recently added TVOC sensor but for me it reports very rarely.

I’ve gave a demo unit to a guy who’s tested under zigbee to mqtt and his result was a lot different:

At the morning I’ve restarted the sensor. Reports more often, but far less times as it did under Zigbee 2 Mqtt.

Can you share a apps diagnostics report (settings > Aqara > send diagnostics report), mentioning your forum ID?

I have a few power sockets but the power usage (total) isn’t been updated in 8 months now. I can see the actual usage but not the total. Is there an solution for this. Tnx in advance

I actually also observed issues with TVOC - randomly, eg. 1x per week it gets completely silent and when I press the button, it gets reconnected and eg. ppb starting on 999ppb…then it settle down for another 2-3 days.
I’m not sure it will be still visible in the logs, now it’s running fine for 2 days - 465ea80c-7d8a-4e8c-a498-94903ba01a26 - if there will be nothing, I will repost after “outage”

Hi, does anyway know if the mi-boxer will be supported by homey?

Hi, I’m starting to have a problem with Aqara motion sensors :frowning: Some stop recording motion event, the strange thing is that Luminance works. After restarting Homey they work for a few hours, but then not again. For a long time everything worked fine, but now it’s annoying. The side button doesn’t help, restarting only solves the problem for a while… Anyone have a similar experience, or better yet a solution? Thanks a lot!



Great app Ted! Really appreciate your work!!

I´m having problems pairing Aqara Smart Plug EU to the new Homey Bridge and trying to find info if this is expected to work or not?

I have reported my issue here:


MiBoxer is a completely other company than Aqara and Xiaomi and has nothing to do with this thread.

It is a know isseu

After trying to get over this issue I changed to an extra zigbee network with Deconz on a Rpi. Moved all the sensors from Aqara and connected this netwerk truoght the Deconz app to Homey no it all works instantly without delay. It is not an app fault but a isseu within homey-zigbee-core I think.

Deconz works great but even with deconz every now and then I have a sensor which doesn’t respond anymore. Removing and adding to the network is the only option. A lot less problems but it’s not like there’s no problems at all. Fortunately it is a hobby for me and no life threatening.

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Ok noted. If i have a sensor dropping i’ll post this here immediate.

In my case, the only reason for sensors being dropped from the network is if their battery is (about to run) empty. Sometimes I need to re-pair the sensor again after swapping the battery, but deCONZ/Phoscon is smart and will re-use the same device id so nothing gets broken.

My sensors are dropping also had no problems with them in 2 years time now 2 sensors won’t update.

So how do i repair them in homey and will I lose insight data ?

Anyone with Aqara Wall Switch H1 and Homey Bridge? I can’t connect 3 at the same time. The Bridge only connect one, if i connect one of the 3 homey don’t recognize the otheres

Are all switches of the “No Neutral” version?
The H1 switches with Neutral are not yet supported and will result in not being recognized…

Yes they are all “No Neutral” version. Maybe it’s a bridge problem? I see now my ikea roller blind lost the connect when i connect one Aqara H1. Seems the bridge only allow 1 zigbee device

Edit: after the problema with aqara h1 o can’t connect any zigbee devices with homey bridge. My aqara’s cube don’t work anymore. I try to recconect and i can’t. In the first time recognize the aqara cube but can’t connect. The second time don’t recognize the aqara cube. I resete the homey bridge and nothing.

Replace battery and wait - if it will not help, press any button on the sensor - if it will also not help, pair it again WITHOUT removing. You will not lose insights for any of those actions but if you would like to be sure, you can back it up using Archive Insights App for Homey | Homey