Apps and cloud services

Several of the Homey App Store apps developed by manufacturers of devices are based on an API that goes through the manufacturer’s cloud service. This results in an extra vulnerability in the system. To this day, we have seen manufacturers of electric ovens that have that the cloud service down or partially down for several days. We have seen producers who have gone bankrupt and shut down the cloud service. I myself try to stay away from devices that require cloud service, or where I cannot develop myself with a local API. A couple of years ago, I developed an app that controlled devices via the local API and wanted to share it and contacted Homey. Homey replied that they had a policy that they just wanted one app against one manufacturer, and this one was already developed (of course based cloud service). My app was therefore posted on the Community App Store. In retrospect, I see that it is impossible to keep a Community App Store open over time. Why? Should it be that apps you share with other Homey users should require the user to have the skills to download source and install as a developer?

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I think that the main raison for cloud based services is to get user data.
I just hope that the European Comission will come up with a law prohibiting this.

Try submitting you app again and state the case that it is different to any other app for that brand because it uses the local API instead of the cloud.
I think Athom have relaxed there policy a bit and if you can give a good reason for it being a duplicate, without confusing users, then it will be accepted, provide it meets all the other criteria.


When reapplying, you can also ask how Athom thinks that having 7 different Yale apps fits their policy.


I’m not a developer and don’t know the guidelines and rules, but couldn’t the reason also be that the device manufacturer has an agreement that no other app should be published for their devices?

Just a few thoughts…

It could probably be possible, but in any case I would be very skeptical about buying devices from them. Cloud services make you dependent on a server somewhere in the world being up and running.

Same goes for Homey itself :man_shrugging:t3:

I totally agree and I would also prefer to use only locally connected devices. With plugs, switches, dimmer, etc. it’s currently no problem. But I guess there is no smart washing machine, dryer, dish washer, TV, etc. on the market that works without a cloud service. I guess also, most of these manufacturers don’t publish an open API. They want to make us dependent on them.

However, this is currently not the point. Contact Athom and ask them again if it’s possible to publish your app. If not, then ask them why.

I am just waiting for the first fridge which only opens after watching a commercial :wink:


Or one where you first have to step on a Withings scale, connected via cloud services with the fridge and the WHO. And depending on your current weight, only certain boxes can be opened. :wink:


Yes I know, but why add more vulnerability.