Apple Watch triggers twice instead of once

For one of my devices (an electrical fence), I created a flow inside Homey to trigger the relay. When the flow runs, the relay triggers, and thus the fence opens/closes.

Since I use this multiple times a day, I’ve created a shortcut (inside Apple Shortcuts) called “Open Poort” which triggers the Homey flow.

On my iPhone, I can say to siri “Open Poort”, and it’ll work perfectly.

However, when I say “Open Poort” on my Apple Watch, it triggers twice - which means the fence starts opening, and then a few seconds later closes again.

I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have any ideas?

Can’t help with an explanation but to fix the problem you could start a timer in your flow and ignore further flow starts until the timer expires after, say, 10 seconds.

FWIW Chronograph is my timer app of choice.


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