Siri shortcuts on Apple Watch

Since installing watchOS 9 on my Apple Watch, I can no longer use Homey flows via Siri shortcuts. If I start the shortcut via button (on the Apple Watch), then it works without any problems. But if I want to start the shortcut via Siri, I get the voice “Sorry, somethings gone wrong. Please try again”.

Don’t know where the problem could be?


Still works for me. WatchOS 9.0.2

Having issues with the Apple Watch as well. Starting flows from the Homey app on the watch works fine. Starting flows through Siri on the phone works fine. Starting flows with Siri on the Apple watch gives me a message asking for permission for “flow name” to access Homey. If I approve, the flow works.

How can I prevent that the approval question pops up every time?


Just removed the Homey app from the watch and now it works without asking for permission.