Apple Watch Fall Detection trigger

As I am at risk of falling, I would like to trigger a flow when that happens. So instead calling 112, just let some people in the house know something happened, maybe turn on some lights, turn off the television and potentially even open the lock of the front door in case I am the only one home.

Is there a way to use my Apple watch to detect that I have tripped over? Potentially with the integration of Apple Homekit?

And related, looking for an SOS button with lanyard with an app that works. Tried a few so far but could not find a compatible app in Homey for those. Most were Tuya based and that’s hit and miss with the Tuya Zigbee app.

Do what you like, but I consider Homey not reliable enough for this purpose. It’s designed to turn lights on and off in my humble opinion. Yes it can do lots more, but stability doesn’t seem to have any priority (to me) by Athom.

When you want to use it anyways, make sure to disable firmware and app auto updates.
Run updates yourself, at a convenient time, to eliminate “surprises”.


I absolutely agree, anything I will do with Homey is on top of. I will not interfere with the regular actions my Apple Watch will execute in case something happens and rely on myself to stop it from connecting to 112 in case something serious happens. If it is less serious it will simply send a message to contacts, with Homey I am trying to do a bit more.
And regarding the SOS button, again the Apple Watch has some features which are great, but limited to just contacting people.
It is all about getting options in place, if one does not work either technically or because people miss the message on their phone, I then have alternatives which may do more than just sending messages.