[App] RuuviTag


This app adds support for RuuviTag Bluetooth Sensor

About RuuviTag

RuuviTag is an advanced open-source sensor beacon platform designed to fulfill the needs of business customers, developers, makers, students, and can even be used in your home and as part of your personal endeavours. See https://ruuvi.com/ fore more information.

RuuviTag driver

This apps allows integration of RuuviTag (RAWv1 and RAWv2 format) in Homey, allowing to monitor :

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Battery (min and max voltage can be changed in device settings)
  • RSSI
  • Movement (RAWv2 only) - movement rate can be configured in device settings, and completely disabled
  • Entering/leaving range : it can be used as a BLE beacon, triggering an event when the device enters or leaves the range. The number of attempts scan can be configured per device in device settings.

Scan duration (how long homey listens for BLE advertisment) and polling interval (how long between two scans) can be configured in app settings.


Feel free to donate to support the project !

Issues and requests

See Github

Next versions

More functionalities will be added in next versions (support for Ruuvi Station, etc.). If you have any idea or request, please submit your ideas on github.


App is published, here are the links for the stable and the test version


I did not do a proper range test. From one side of the house to the other, or from the garden I have no reception problem. I would say that the max distance is around 15m, may be more, but it depends on many factors (noise,wall, etc.).

Ruuvi has a FAQ about range : https://github.com/ruuvi/ruuvitag_fw/wiki/FAQ:-range:-Bluetooth

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App was validated, I updated the first post with the links


Thanks, works great! :+1: :ok_hand:

Where would I find this. Thanks

You have to allow public access in the app settings (default is private)

It’s in the app preferences. At the bottom right in homey main windows, choose the 3 dots. Then parameters, and at the bottom of the list you can see apps parameters.

If you choose Ruuvitag, you can enable it with the checkbox

Thanks, I found it. Now, where would I change the settings for the station?

On your device ; for example if you use Ruuvi Station :

in gateway settings, use :

  • http://<your_ip>/api/app/com.thomashoussin.ruuvitag for local access only
  • https://.connect.athom.com/api/app/com.thomashoussin.ruuvitag (cloudId can be found on Homey Developer)

I’m using Ruuvi Station on iOS. I got only App Settings, and Sensor Settings but no Gateway Settings. Am I just blind or looking at the wrong place?

It’s on the main window, the three lines on the top left (NOT the sensor settings), where you can setup background scanning, etc.

not sure this is in the released iOS app yet – at least I can’t find it. (maybe in the beta version)

I had to change how it works with SDKv3 ; in new version the option is gone, gateway is public by default.

The app also allows Homey to act as a Ruuvi Station gateway.

  • Before v0.2 : You have to allow public access in the app settings (default is private) ;
  • In v0.2 : gateway is public by default ; due to changes in SDKv3, access is public and cannot be changed.

@Ethaniael I obeserved the movement alarm is triggered erratically in Homey. Even if there are none (I checked) I get 10 or more in a row. Not sure where these artefacts are coming from


Thank you very much for the app. However, I am not sure how to use homey as a gateway for ruuvistation. I have added ruuvitags locally to homey but when adding the gateway to the android app I just can’t get the any readings. Have I missed something on the setup?


RuuviTag no longer works. Is it because of some update?

RuuviTag works again :wink:

I have one tag that I connected to Homey a year ago, without any problems. Got another one today but it is not discovered and the process just times out. Any ideas how to fix this?

No gateway.

Worked after restarting Homey


It seems that local nor external access to the app api in HomeyOS 10.0.0 to feed the data from a RuuviGW are somehow different. And wont’t work as described.

For the external URL https://IDHERE.connect.athom.com/api/app/com.thomashoussin.ruuvitag , the response is
Cannot GET /api/app/com.thomashoussin.ruuvitag

And same goes for local network access.


Does somebody know if the Ruuvi Tag PRO works also with Homey ?