[App][Pro] Zwift

Connect Zwift with Homey

Create automations based on your Zwift data.
For example control a fan based on your heartrate/power data.

The following data points are supported:

  • FTP
  • Zwift level
  • Total distance
  • Total distance climbed
  • Total time in minutes
  • Total watt hours produced
  • Bike model

Available when Zwifting:

  • Speed
  • Cadence
  • Power
  • Heartrate

Hi, Is Zwift still supported and/or working for you? I cannot connect to my Zwift account (always shows: No new Homey Device found)

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I was exited when i saw there is a Zwift app as I have some automation in my pain cave when I Zwifting but when I try to login I get a timeout error. Do this app still work and active?

@macgeis @jonorland I am not very active on this forum but Zwift is still supported and working. Send a diagnostic report if it’s not working for you.

Here are a Diagnostic report when trying to add Zwift and login: 02c269b7-17a2-423a-b8ea-e032571898e7

It still works. I want to do some tests to see how fast power,speed and cadence updates. I bought myself a new wahoo kickr shift bike, but i miss the freehub sound like with a real bike. So want to play freehub sound mp3 based on zwift app data

Now I am getting the same error as macgeis: ‘No new device found’, earlier I received as well the ‘Timeout’, somehow that changed. Diagnostic report: e9201168-81bd-411a-b685-c3d20bf5f581