[APP][PRO] Worx Landroid, Kress, LandXcape RoboMower integration

i have lifted the safeguard. should be able to execute now.

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i have solved this a bit differently. I now create a “job” internally, it stores the actions the mower undertakes. When i come across a mowing condition i will check the job for existence of start sequence and leaving home. If they do not exist i will add them to the job and trigger the issing statusses.

it is on store now for you to check usability.


Thank you. I’m able to run during party mode, probably after some time since raid detected (not at the beginning but that’s the same with the app) and naturally it doesn’t respond to any command when waiting for manual start, except of Restart. That’s probably safety API measure so it means when Worx get stuck during vacation for example, I would need to call my neighbor :wink: That’s possibly working as designed yet launching searching for wire for example

Btw, can you tell me what is Lock/Unlock for ? I was hoping it might unlock mower without need to re-enter PIN but seems it’s not the case.

The lock function will set an alarm if lifted and taken outside of the perimeter of your lawn. It will only stop beeping if returned within the perimeter and placed on the ground. If stolen, your Landroid will stop operating once outside your Wi-Fi network coverage for three consecutive days. If the Find My Landroid Module is installed it will use the geofence as the perimeter limit.

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Works fine, THX for the optimization!

DeskApp (=Landroid signals):

Worx Homey App:
Home->Mowing->Start sequence->Leaving home

What is the implemented reaction now if the Landroid sends the mowing state and it is really mowing (was not Home before, for example stop->start on the lawn)?

When a status of mowing is received and it is not already in the current job, it will look for status leaving home in the current job and if not found trigger flows for this state, the same for start sequence.

When it receives status at home it will init a new job.