[APP][Pro] Wireless Weather Sensors - Reads data from several brands of wireless weather sensors

No, Homey does not support receiving these signals on 868MHz.

Hi All,

I’m looking for temperature sensors for outside.
Without an weather station.

Which affordable supported sensor should is use?


Have you considered making it a sub capability by defining measure_rain.total and then giving it a new title using the title option in the app.json?
I have done this with my app and it works well.

For example, this is what I use in app.json:

   "capabilities": [
            "title": { "en": "Feels Like" }
            "title": { "en": "Wind chill" }
            "title": { "en": "Dew point" }
            "title": { "en": "Rain Total" }

Setting the value is just the same, e.g. this.setCapabilityValue(“measure_rain.total”, currentData.metric.precipTotal);

I don’t think that is WiFi enabled either so probably not much hope to support it.
I purchased one of the WiFi enabled Bresser 5 in 1 (https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07JMVG1WC/ref=psdc_9337413031_t1_B0170A47DI) which can publish results to Weather Underground and I have written an app that grabs the data from there. I will be publishing the app soon if that helps you.

Very interesting.
Yes if you public the app and give some details as work I will bay the same weather station like you



So we don’t hijack this thread anymore you can follow progress at Weather Underground PWS app

@Adrian_Rockall Thanks for the tip, but making it is sub-capability does not solve the unit. Sub-capabilities use the same unit. But creating a custom capability does not have that restriction.

But at least the units for both are in mm which is more logical. The title tells you what it is.

Hi, i have a ws-2300 from heavyweather.info (https://www.heavyweather.info/new_english_uk/index.html). Is there any chance this could be supported in the app?

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Eirik S

I have run your app for sometime but have now run in to a problem.
Have a TFA 35.1140.01 (https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/hem-kontor-fritid/vaderstationer/vaderstationer-med-vindmatare/tfa-spring-breeze-vaderstation-p48849). Particularly I would like to get wind from its wind sensor. It do not show up as a Cresta or TFA senor.

Is this something you can do? What would you like from me to help you out?

I’m a little confused - you say that homey doesn’t receive those signals on 868MHz, but I was under the impression that it does.


The hardware is capable to receive the signals, but it is configured such that signals from most sensors cannot be received. This has to do with the narrow band in 868MHz and the ASK configuration, whilst most 868MHz signals use frequency modulation (FSK). An app can only configure how to send signals, not how to receive them.

In practice, I have not been able to receive and decode a signal from any 868MHz weather sensor.

What about this, now a cheap unknown brand who looks like former auriol and Cresta sensors. But is not detected. Do you know why. Even with all protocols on.

It’s Chinese… Wrong frequency?

How did you find that out so quickly ? :+1::joy::pray::+1:
Meaning other range should all be around the same. What do you need from me to check out? I can read or record the output for you? Does that help?

Sorry dude, i thought you wanted help. Good luck!

You’re welcome and thanks. But what do need to check that? In Homey web I can record sensor output.
Thought that could help, and also due to your quick response I thought you are the author of the app, my bet, sorry

All sensors that work with the app should be using 433 MHz. Since it is a Chinese device it is very possible that it is using another frequency and then it won’t work. I assume it should be mentioned somewhere in the manual or on a sticker in/on the device…

After 3 seconds of Googling I found it’s using 433Mhz: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32858575543.html

So that’s hurdle #1 taken.

Correct @robertklep 433.92 to be exact. Homey can read the frequency output as wel and record it. But the app does not notice it unfortunately even with all protocols on for detection