[App][Pro]Weather Underground PWS app (Release 3.0.9)

OK, yet another version (0.1.3) is available for test.

  • Added a diagnostic log to the App - Settings screen. I don’t recommend keeping this on for too long as it will eat up Homey’s memory. It does however give some details of what is being received to help diagnose problems. If you copy the data you should hide the API key before posting it anywhere.

  • Fixed the Feels Like parameter and added Heat Index. WU sends both Wind Chill and Heat Index values but it then says that Feels Like is equal to Wind Chill if the temperature is 16.1C or below and it is equal to Heat Index when the temperature is 21 or over and it is equal to temperature when the temperature is between 16.1C and 21C. So the Feels like now uses those rules.

  • Added better validation of Station ID and API Key when adding devices or changing the settings.

  • Changed Rain units to mm/hr.

Hope you don’t mind the frequent updates at the moment.

There is another test version (0.1.4). Fingers crossed this is the last update before version 1 goes live.
This version should hopefully fix the solar radiation update (thanks to Pieter for letting me use his station ID). It also changes the icon for Solar Radiation o something more applicable.

One more test version (0.1.5).
Added option to select day and night of the forecast for up to 5 days ahead.
Added custom capabilities to Insights.

Version 0.1.6 removes Wind Chill and Heat Index as they are displayed as Feels Like when applicable.

Version 0.1.7 in test improves error messages.

I have request that version 1.0.0 is published now that the app is a bit more polished.

@Erik_M_Madsen thanks for your link! I did buy this weather station now! :smiley:

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It looks like the WU server is having an issue at the moment so your PWS maybe offline. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.

Version 1.1.0 is now available for test.
New features:

  • Caps the diagnostics log so it can’t consume too much memory.
  • Added new trigger for “No data has been received” that indicates the station might have gone offline.

Good news is that is finally working, but only after entering the API from Weather Underground first, let the app reply that a station ID was missing, then entering the station ID en then it was accepted and data was coming in from WU. It took me while to discover this. Is this a bug or not?

It certainly doesn’t seem to be the correct behaviour as it should obviously work first time.
I will investigate to see if I can find the reason. Thanks for letting me know and I hope it goes well for you now.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall ,

I would like to use your app, but I have a general problem with WU, maybe you have a hint.
I have added my PWS (Netatmo) in WU. I have received an ID, a key and an API key. However, the status of my PWS is permanently “offline”.
I have also searched the help topics on the WU website, but did not find a suitable answer.
In the original Netatmo app, an option must be enabled to share the data of my Netatmo WS (Link). This option is activated in my app.

Do you have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Adrian_Rockall,
I just bought the Alecto WS5500 and succeeded in connecting it to WU.
Is it still possible to use your app and get my data in the Homey app?
When I fill in my station ID and API key it comes back with something like “can’t find api key”.
Like to hear from you!

Sorry, I’m not sure what the cause could be. My PWS sends data to WU every few seconds.
So if the station is configure correctly then I can only think that it might be a router problem.

Are you using the correct API key?
You need the one that is generated in the

Hi @Adrian_Rockall,

I erased my PWS and added it again. Now it works. :+1:t3:

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Yes I did. It’s the big hex key.
I also tried generating a new one, that didn’t help.
Used copy paste all the way, so no typo’s…

Hi Adrian,

I don’t know why, but I just tried it again and now it works!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Robbert Oosterhof

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Hi, I’m a new Homey user and having fun getting everything setup. I found your app and while the forecast works fine I get an HTTPS error 204 message when trying to open the weather station device. The setup worked fine, once I realised I needed to generate and API key. Any suggestions in what might be the problem?

The 204 error code means there is no data to collect.
Can you verify that your station is sending data?

The link shows the codes from the WU site.