[APP][Pro] Volvo on Call

Thanks for your help @Richard_B .

Re. closing the doors:
Apparently I needed to be more patient or to lower the advanced settings indeed.

Re. starting the engine:
Pushing the power button on the coffee machine doesn’t trigger the flow to start the car. it seems that I need to give the order to the coffee machine through Google Home or the Homey app to switch off. This works perfectly.

I have some issues getting the car added. The logging in part works well. Then I get the message “Er zijn geen nieuwe apparaten gevonden” (no new devices found)

I logged in on the website with my Volvo ID and I see my XC40P8. It’s also there in the On Call app from Volvo.

Is the car not supported or am I potentially doing something wrong?

Hi all,

Have looked on the forum but have not found it yet, however I would like to create a flow where my Volvo XC40 is only start charging when my solar panels deliver a certain number of Watt (to increase the usage of the own produced energy). I’ve played around a bit with the cards in the flow, however my car continues to immediately start charging when I plug the cable in my car and charging stations. At this moment I would like to pause charging and only start when the solar panels deliver a certain number of Watt.

Any help?

I guess you have to work with schedule charging, to make it not start charging when you connect it and then use start charging action when you have enough excess power?

It was discussed a little here when I added those actions.

Did you get this sorted out, or still not working? Only way to check this is to install the app via CLI and see if there is an error message or similar that is displayed.

Thanks, will look into it and see if I can get it to work!

I already succeeded in delay charging from 7am to 21pm (both flexible) until my solar panels deliver more than 1250 watt.

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Hey There, is it possible to use the triggers: When doors are locked and Unlocked in the “When” of a flow. Looking at the tekst in the app store the Volvo app should contain these triggers, but I cant’t find/ use them. Did I do anything wrong/ suggestions?

Thanx for the help!!

Not sure if this app forum is still alive, but here we go…

I have successfully used the VOC app with our xc40 for 2years. Recently we switched to a new xc60 hybrid. When I try to add that vehicle, after the login to VOC, it says that no devices are found.

I noticed that in Homey app store it says that the app is for Homey Pro. I don’t have the Pro version. Had this this changed recently and is the reason I cannot connect to my new car?

I just got a new XC60 hybrid myself after a few years without a Volvo car.
Don’t know how new your car is, mine is the model year 2022. Volvo has changed something in their APIs and these new cars are not available here. I also can’t add my car to Tibber’s app, when contacting their support they said the car is “too new” and they are talking to Volvo about how to solve this but don’t expect a solution in a near future.

Even the “new” Connected Vehicle API from Volvo says

This API works for all connected cars up to model year 2021, excluding the XC40 Recharge BEV.

The Extended Vehicle API potentially works for these model year 2022 cars, but it doesn’t support invoking commands.

If anyone has any intel on what we can use please let me know

Yes, a MY22. Let’s hope Volvo opens up the API again. Also their VOC app is very limited with this new car compared to the MY20 XC40 we had previously :frowning:


Until recently the Volvo on call app on Homey worked fine with my XC40 T5 Recharge (incl. flows to start charging when certain requirements are fulfilled), however since a month or so flows related to charging are not working anymore and I get the warning “This is an ICE car and it doesn’t support charging!” in my Homey timeline. Obviously it’s not an ICE (internal combustion engine) car.

Does anybody has an idea to solve this?

Oh, I have ordered a V60 T6 Recharge MY23. It will not be delivered within the next 9-10 months, but I do hope there will be a fix for the API.
@Richard_B, if there are a a fix in the future, are you still dedicated to this app or do you need someone else to step up? Don’t know if there are any though

Is the problem still there after a restart of the app?

Since I now own a Volvo car myself again there is an interest :wink:


Tried restarting the app a couple of times, after which it seems to work okay for a couple of hours. However after that it gives the same message and car charging doesn’t start.

Any ideas what’s causing this?

Hi is it possible to read out if the skylight (roof opening) is closed, I sometimes forget to close my roof and when it suddenly rains it would be nice to get at least an alert or even better can it be remotely closed.

Is there any plans for a similar app for Polestar 2?

I will soon switch from Volvo to Polestar, they might use the same API? So maybe we don"t have to start from scratch when we have this app working?

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Why would you move from a Volvo to a Polestar … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To get an electic powered car :slight_smile:


Is there a reason why there is a start charging card, but no card for stop charging?

Got a t6 recharge which i would like to be able to stop charging when kwh price goes above a certain level.

I’m afraid no one knows the API call for that (at least not me). The entire Volvo On Call API used in this app is mapped out by various people including myself (reverse engineered). This app doesn’t use any official API from Volvo.

The start charging action uses an API endpoint with the path /overrideDelayCharging. Potentially you could use the delay charging action to stop charging? Only thing I can think of.