[APP][Pro] Victron Energy

Hallo Richard

the problem persist

i send you the report before restart the Homey



Hello Richard
I am looking for a “When SOC is greater than ( )” card.
I would like to trigger a switching operation when the battery is
is charged to ( ) % by solar. Is there such a card or do I have to do it differently

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You have triggers like Battery becomes greater/less than %. I’m using the built-in batter capability and seems like they haven’t added a condition.

v1.2.9 is pushed to test, it contains new device icons and a new device type for the ev charger.

Hello Richard, thank you for the answer, I have found most of the app myself and understood how to use it. A very helpful connection to the Victron devices.
One more question, unfortunately I can’t figure it out myself. There is a switch that is usually set to on for me. Sometimes on off. Sometimes there is no status change for days. It seems to be the relay from the CX device. The relay controls the generator in my CX device system. Can I somehow switch this info for on/off in the app Generator started=on. Generator stop=off
I would like to see in the Homey whether the Victron system has started the generator. I could then make a flow. If the Victron system has switched on the generator and there is power at the meter for the generator, then the generator has started and is working. On the other hand, if the Victron system starts the generator and there is no power, I get a push message on my cell phone. “Generator Error” Maybe someone else is interested in this function.

…The question is solved. I have found a way to monitor the generator start


The logic behind the condition ‘Excess solar power is below Power (W)’ states that its defined as ‘PV power - consumption power’. My question is if charging the batteries in the ESS bank is included in consumption power or if the condition doesn’t look at SoC.

Optimal there would be a condition to detect that PV has capacity ‘over’ whats needed by ESS system. ‘Grid Surplus’ trigger might be that - but there isn’t any definition on that trigger in the same way as ‘excess solar power is’ defined.


Afternoon, I see that this has been asked for a number of times, could a bypass be put in place for those of us that don’t have an inverter? I see that a workaround for the battery and grid are implemented, could something similar be done to allow the device to be installed (-1 for example)?

As I don’t have a com.victronenergy.vebus ID entry, I’m unable to install the Victron GX device. I have been able to install the other devices and the app is great.

I really wanted to be able to use the relay functionality if possible to control other devices not in homey.


Im new in homey, so maybe there is a way to do this, but now i’m asking.

I have a system with multiplus, gx-device and mppt. Is it possible to get information about what the PV voltage of the mppt is? Sometimes when my batteries are fully charged, and there is a lot of sun, the MPPT is decreacing the output which makes PV voltage increase. it’s not possible to feed back to grid, but i would like to trigger a flow, when the PV voltage exceeds a specific value. In the gx, i can see the MPPT under modbus with their ID. Can you add the voltage through com.victronenergy.solarcharger [unit ID]?

The data can be transferred to Homey.
Volts, amps, etc.

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The voltage of the battery indeed, but not the voltage of the mppt trackers.

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As i can see, not for mppt.

Is there a way to add the GX with only these services active?

I have an off-grid balcony system, so I’m missing the vebus.com. Tried to add my Serbo-S GX, but no luck. The app seems happy with the GX, but won’t accept 100, 224 or 226 as vebus address.

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Dear @Richard_B , thank you for adding EV charger in the app. Since it is my only way how to manage the charging (there is no Citroen EV app for homey) is it possible to add flows to adjust charging current (6A, and charging mode (Auto, Manual, Scheduled). That would bypass at least somehow missing app.Thank you very much. Are you going to issue stable version? I might test EV charger for you soon.