[APP][Pro] Victron Energy

Available in the new test version

Works fine - thanks.

sorry guys i´m new in Homey after install App and login with my victron VRM E-Mail and PW get a error installations.forEach is not a function can help me someone please

The problem is fixed in v1.2.3 :+1:

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Good evening. I would like to know if it is possible to connect homey to Victron equipment at another location. There is an internet connection via LTE at the other location. victron can be accessed via the internet. But with VRM in homey I don’t get the information I want.

Build a VPN (tunnel) between them. You get all ready responce on facebook with the same question :slight_smile:

Your right. But that does not seem to work. So i wonder iff there is an other solution.

Hi, appreciate you implemented temp. and tank sensors. However I am not able to add any temp. sensor (I have two wired connectedd into Cerbo GX) with any of com.victronenergy.temperature register 3300-3305. Can you please advise more? Many thanks

Yeah, unfortunatley I don’t have any of them myself so not able to test.
Are you able to share the error message, and even better able install the app via CLI and see where it goes wrong?

Maybe I should look into installing one of the temp sensors that I believe was shipped with the multiplus… will see if I get time to look into that.

It does not do anything when filled all fields. No error nothing.

To setup the temp sensor into GX is quite straightforward. In Remote console you may activate it in: Settings - I/O - Analog inputs - activate Temp position.

I added one of the temp sensor coming with the multiplus to the cerbo and it got unit id 24.
Added a temp sensor device to Homey, same IP and port as the GX device, and unit id 24.
Work fine adding the device and it shows temp and status.

I wonder what is different here. I have an Homey Pro 2023 with firmware 10.2.1-rc.2, and my Cerbo has firmware v3.13.


Ok I added one temp sensor with ID 24. However for second one with ID 25 it gives me message: No new devices available.

Correct, I thought the Product ID of a temp sensor is unique - but it is not unique. Will address that.

EDIT: test version 1.2.8 solves this problem

Yes, now you can have multiple sensors. Great thanks a lot.

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Anyone that has a Victron EV Charger that is able to install the app via CLI and test a new device?

Seit dem Update geht meine CX Anbindung nicht mehr. Gerstern gings noch.

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Yesterday there was an update for the Victron app
Since the update, my CX connection no longer works. It was still working yesterday. All values are set to zero

Have you tried to restart the Victron app on your Homey? Sometimes after an update of an app it becomes stuck.
If the problem persists, restart entire Homey.
If the problem persists send me a manual diagnosic report.

Hallo Richard
Many thanks for your quick help. It is working again. I am so happy that I can take another step in my home automation with Homey and the app. I have a Victron 3 phase island system, with generator, solar panel and electric car. I hope I can continue to use it when needed, I still have a lot planned.
Yours sincerely, Wolfgang Linke