[APP][Pro] UnZ-Cure (add z-wave devices unsecure)

Add Z-wave devices unsecure

Z-wave associations are a very important. The main reason is that if Homey isn’t working for some reason, the lights can still be controlled.

As of version 7.0, Homey supports more z-wave security levels. That is great for locks and such, but not so much for z-wave associations, because associations need the same security level for both associated devices in order to work.

As not all devices support the same security level, and Homey picks the security level based on the devices capabilities, associations are basically broken now if both devices have different security levels. That is why it is important that users are able to select a lower security level for devices that do not require premium security, so they can pick the level that both devices support. More often than not that means pairing unsecure.

If you own a device that requires a pin during the pairing process, you do not need this app to pair the device unsecure. simply use 00000 as the pin. But if your device does not require a pin, this app may be of use to you.

The way this app works is inspired on a workaround that used to exist before Homey version 7.0, which was to pick a Walli device for pairing, even though the device you want to add is not a Walli. This would force the device to be added unsecure. This app works in the same way, but now for version 7.0 and higher firmwares for Homey.

First make sure you have the proper app for your z-wave device istalled on your Homey. That is because you still need the real driver to operate the device. But here’s the trick. When adding the device to Homey, pick UnZ-cure as the device to pair, instead of the z-wave device it actually is.

Don’t worry: Homey will still add the device as the right type, from the right app. The UnZ-cure will just add a parameter to prevent z-wave secure inclusion. Also, unsecure inclusion is not as unsecure as it seems. Sure, secure is more secure, but it still requires a lot of effort to hack your lights and switches if you’re adding it unsecure.

I tested the app using a Heat-it Z-push and worked as expected. However, I cannot test this with every device and in the end the device is handled by the original driver. Once paired you can disable or remove my app if you want. But it does mean that if the device does not work as intended, there is probably not a lot I can do about it. So basically, if it works for you: Great. But this is provided as is and there is not a lot I can do to help you if your device does not behave as intended. Sorry for that. But if you remove the device and pair the normal way, all should be well again. This app does not change your device, it just gives some instructions to the pairing process.

This app will probably not be admitted to the Homey app store by Athom.
It is however available in the Community Store.
The app code can be found on GitHub.
Problems? Check the FAQ and if that doesn’t help post here.
This was made in my spare time,
If you like the app, consider buying me a beer: Donate.



Version 1.0.0
Initial release


The install button is grayed, how do I install something from the community app store?
In order to do a community app install you first need to have the community app store app on Homey. Thee are Windows/Mac/Linux installers here so you won’t need to learn the CLI method. Then you need to login to your Homey account here. (You may need to put the browser in Desktop mode). Then the install button is active and the store works pretty much the same as the original one.

How do I pair a device using this app?
Make sure you installed the real app for the device you want to add to Homey using unsecure inclusion. Then pick UnZ-Cure as the device you want to add to Homey. Use the pairing instructions that came with your device. Once the device is paired, it will show up as the real type, not as UnZ-cure because it is not a real z-wave driver, it just tweaks the pairing process.

What is the difference between using pin 00000 for inclusion and this app?
If your device asks for a pin, you can use pin 00000 to force unsecure inclusion and if that works then you do not need this app. Going the official way is always preferred. But not all devices ask for a pin. That is where this app comes in.

Do I need to keep this app when the device is paired?
You only need this app during the pairing process. Afterwares you can safely remove the app. But you may need it again for new devices, so my advice is to disable the app once you are done but keep it around for future use.

Will this app change anything of the origial app or cause conflicts?
This app only affects the pairing process. It does not chasnge the original app or its behavior in any way. The only thing that is different is that Homey told the device it does not support secure communication, so they both do not use it to talk to one another.

Can I safely update either Homey or the app for the device afterwards?
This app does not change anything other than the security level that was negotiated with the device. You can therefore safely update both Homey itself and the original device app. Once paired the security level is set for that device. The only way to change it is to unpair the device and pair it again. So you do not have to worry that updates will change the security level.

How do I set an association?
The usual scenario is to set an association in a button or remote to control a light. You will usually find association settings in the advanced options of any z-wave device. So open the advanced options for your buttons to find the association groups. The manual of your device will explain which group is used for what purpose. In the proper group, you will need to put the ID of the light you want to control. You can find the ID in the advanced options of the light or in the developer settings page of Homey.
If the light is a multichannel device (e.g. Fibaro uses multichannel), you will need to add a dot and a channel number after the id, so for channel 1 on device ID 23 you will need to put 23.1 in the association group of your choice.
When you save the advanced options, the device must be “awake”. Battery operated buttons usually are asleep. Refer to the manual of your device on how to wake it. If you save the options of a sleeping device, the associations may never be saved.

Hi @Edwin_D i dont want to discredit all of your hard work, but isnt this the same as paring the device with security code 00000 ? the device gets added as unsecure

The security code 00000 works with S2 Authenticated security devices, but not with S2 Unauthenticated security devices, because they don’t ask for a code while inclusion process.

It is the same, but only for devices that ask for a pin. If they do not, there was no cure. Now there is for devices without the pin workaround. If your device asks for a pin the you do not need this app.

It is good that you mention is though, I will put it in de description to save people work if they do not need this.


Nice job @Edwin_D!

Thanks, it was simple once @TagePP came up with the required code:

I had the app ready since I had been experimenting with the new options when V7 came out.


It is now live in the community app store: UnZ-Cure


Thanks, shame on Athom Homey for even doing this nescessary, but I finally could include my K8 wall remote again :slight_smile:

Didn`t understand the community store install method, after installing the community app the install button for Unz-cure still is grayed out. But did a CLI install.

Is it the coding “security”: [“none”] ? Never seen it before.

In order to do a community app install you first need to have the community app store app on Homey. Thee are Windows/Mac/Linux installers here so you won’t need to learn the CLI method.

Then you need to login to your Homey account here. After that the install button is active and the store works pretty much the same as the original one.

As to how UnZ-Cure works internally: The code you referred to indeed is the part that does the trick.

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For me it works fantastic. Now I can use my ABUS siren again. Thanks for the great work!

Happy to be of help. Thanks for your contribution, it is much appreciated!

Just to make sure, I tried to get this app accepted by Athom. But as expected, they rejected the app. Because you could use the pin 00000 (which doesn’t always help) and because they couldn’t accept other pairing means than their own. If there were pairing problems, they should be the one to support it. So, I asked them to. Again. linking to the feature request.

Hi @Edwin_D This just helped me with another issue. Didn’t know that it was possible to use 00000 as the pin for unsecure and have had trouble with some new switches from Logic Group. Had almost given up, but this fixed the issue. Big thx (Ps! perhaps I will need the UnZ-Cure app another day ;-))

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What a great app! I have had issues with Z-Wave now for a long time and I am really looking forward to get a stable network.

All my Z-Wave devices connected to Homey are included in secure mode - either as Secure (S0) or Secure (x). Do I have to remove all devices to get an insecure network, or can I keep any as secure? E.g. 5 secure devices and 15 insecure? I ask because I would like to avoid moving my Homey in to all rooms and floors in my house (again). :slight_smile:



To be clear: Secure (x) is unsecure. So the ones marked S0 are the secure ones, and those are in the least favourable security mode. If you want to change them to unsecure you do need to include them again and fix flows afterwards. But you do not need to move Homey close. I paired all devices in place, with Homey where it should be - in the center of all things. Start close to Homey with the routers, as they will help the further away devices build a stable route.

This is especially vital if you re-pair devices that other devices routed through before you removed it. Those will need to re-route through the newly paired devices. It may take you some time to heal the entire mesh.

So devices on different security levels dont mesh with each other? My heatit wall switches work like shit (need to press them 2times then they work perfect but after few ours its shit again). Could this app help? Not very good for waf :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, but secure registered units, demand more power from Homey.

For example:
This app might indeed help.
I have a friend who uses Eurotronic Spirits. Secure logged in, the thermostats were almost unusable because they only produce errors and hang up permanently.
With this app logged in, the errors have reduced to 10% and are at least usable.

Of course they do.
Z-Wave devices included with security levels (S0, S2 [Unauthenticated], S2 [Authenticated]) generate higher Z-Wave traffic. This could be one of many reason why devices respond with a delay.

It’s not possible to connect devices with different security levels via association (direct connection between devices).