[APP][Pro] Universal Media Player - A Generic storages place for your Homey, speakers, tv's or other media devices

Hello Arie, No folders or files appear in the "file"edit box, I get the error “[invalid_results]”’. Any idea what I do wrong? The NAS (on FritzBox) is reachable without problems by e.g. BubbleUnp on my phone.

Can you send me a diagnostic link?

When casting to a chromecast device, do you first hear the annoying announcement chime, the ding sound before it starts playing?

Hey, I was wondering if I could use this app to connect to my local Plex Media Server (works also as DNLA server) and play the tunes via my Vifa Copenhagen’s DNLA client (it has a local IP)?

Well, this app/card only retrieves urls from DNLA.
So, to play it, im not sure what is supported. Depends on the Vifa app?

This app cannot itself command a DNLA client.
Not sure if that is even possible with DNLA?

A client connects with a server and retrieves “the libraries etc”, but can a server also control a client directly through DNLA protocols?
If so, a second device, a dnla client, could be created in this app.

Is it possible to send the URL from the media server to the IP of the speaker (Vifa) to be played?

I dont know.
Is your speaker connected to Homey through an app or something?
I don’t know vifa or how you send something to it’s IP.

no connection, no app … I thought it would work if I’m able to send something to its IP, or some kind of endpoint. It has a DNLA client…