Media streaming from network drive

As a very happy Homey user, there is one feature I am missing for a long time already. But, maybe one of you has a solution for this.

I have an extensive music library that I have built up in many years, which lives on a network drive. From my phone or laptop I can easily access and play these songs, but… is there a way to do this automatically using Homey and stream the music via Bluetooth or Chromecast to Google Nest Hubs?

In an ideal world, it would be possible to create various playlist and be able to start playing any of them using flows.

Does anyone have any experience with similar functionality?

Afaik streaming via BT is not possible (yet), but casting to a G Hub is possible with the Chromecast app.


Thanks Peter.

I have looked into it and it’s getting close to what I’m looking for. Compared to mobile apps with Chromecast functionality, it has limited possibilities, but it’s definitely worth a shot.


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