[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

This app adds support for presence detection based on (wifi) clients connected to the UniFi Controller on your Homey.

Device triggers:

  • Wifi device (dis-)connected
  • Wifi device roams from one Accesspoint to any another
  • Wifi device roams to specific Accesspoint

Device conditions:

  • Wifi client is (dis-)connected
  • Wifi client is (dis-)connected from accesspoint

Generic triggers:

  • A client (dis-)connected
  • First device is connected
  • First device is connected to specific accesspoint
  • Last device has disconnected
  • Last device has disconnected from specific accesspoint
  • A non-paired device (guest) has (dis-)connected

Please note: only paired devices are being considered as device in all flow contexts. Non-paired devices are only usable for the guest (dis-)connected trigger.

Getting started:

  • Configure settings for UniFi Controller via Homey Settings panel.
    • If you have a custom site name, then first try default as site id. Then a list of site ids will be loaded.
  • Go to Devices > Add new device wizard
  • Select device you want to pair with Homey.
    • It will only show devices known to your controller for the last 24 hours.

Supported devices:

  • Wifi devices connected to UniFi accesspoints, connected via UniFi Controller.

For supported accesspoints, see UniFi download page for more information.

This version has been tested against version 5.7.x up to 6.0.x of the Ubiquiti UniFi Controller software. Lower versions might work too, but is untested.

Version 6.0.x is UnifiOS, please select ‘Port’ 443 and ‘UnifiOS Device (please use port 443)’ in the settings page. Please don’t use 2FA and use an local account.

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish

The app was working OK for a while, but after upgrading Homey to v5.0 stable the app keeps crashing. Using with UDM Pro v1.9.0.

Hello @leman ,

Do you have an crash report? The app is stable on my Homey V5 and Cloud Key Gen2 Plus.

PM sent.


Thanks for the Unifi app! Great work. :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is a problem when roaming between APs? It seem i get a disconnct/connect update when i move across my house. I use a Unifi DreamMachine and a NanoHD as AP.


I have 6 phones (all iPhones) configured and used to detect if anyone is home. But one of the devices (my own incidentally) keeps falling out every few days. Then I need to add it again and remove the old one which no longer detects my phone. I thought this might have something to do with my phone, but I just switched my old iPhone 7 for an iPhone 12 Pro and issue remains. Any clues what’s going on?

Best regards,


Check the WiFi settings on your iPhone and put on your SSID the private adres off. That worked for me.

Since the 1.9.0 update to my DreamMachine this app stopped working, it’s a pause symbol in the app page on my Homey. Any one else seen this?

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Since 1.9.0 the api is changed and i don’t have an DreamMachine.

Same here with UDM pro 1.9.0, I’ve already posted as well on github (App keeps crashing on Homey v5.0 stable · Issue #10 · steffjenl/com.ubnt.unifi · GitHub). How can we help you to solve the issue? Looks like a memory leak.
@ObelixNL I thought the UnifiOS is the same on the Cloud Key 2 and the UDMs? What Version are you using for the network controller? Here 6.1.61

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Same Here since 1.9.0

Actually Versions.
UDM Pro 1.9.2
Controller 6.1.70

I’m on this:

Network 6.1.61


I just got my UDM trided to use de unfi app but it can not log in to the udm whit the set cedentianls. Whith the site id do you need the numbers after the : ?

Need is fill in an other user to login?

what i am seeing is that the update list from clients is now constantly running and not every 15 sec anymore. it works for about 2 min on my homey and then crashes

Can i help you gathering info or data ? i have a udm and 2 HD AP

Cloud Key 2 is not on 1.9 and is working correctly on my Homey. You can send me an Pull Request with an fix on github.

sorry, if you expect me to add to your app you are overestimating my skills

happy to help with testing and maybe provide access to my controller for research
but hat is pretty much all i can offer

@Erik_Batenburg i you can give me access to your controller then i will look at it in the next couple of days.

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I was wondering if someone could share their flows for when a users device disconnects from the network and marking the user not at home. I’m facing some issues, but that might be because off the unify controller (windows).

I have 2 flows for detecting when a device disconnects from the network. I must use a delay in flow 1 to start flow 2(android 10 sec., iPhone 30 to 40 sec) because when a device roams from 1 AP to another AP the controller somehow shows 9/10x a disconnect/connect event instead of roaming.
And every now and then the controller reports that a device is disconnected and immediately connected again.

You can imagine that without the delay my users are often marked away and home, while that isn’t true.

Does anyone else experience these problems?
flow 1

flow 2

I’m using Smart Presence for the presence detection. Have been using Unifi for a while too but experienced the same issues as you do. During roaming got a disconnect event and thus away. I solved it with a timer action too. Still it didn’t work as reliable as I would have liked it to. Now with Smart Presence I never see any of these issues anymore, and every time I check the presence is spot on.

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