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Hi Peter,

No worries fellow dutchman here.

I created the following flow similar to yours:

However triggering anything in the smart life app does not create an event or push notification. However I’m not sure whether thats because the events is not received or because the configuration of the app is not working properly.

When trying to add any device I get the following screen:

When trying to setup the app (since the update to expiremental) after pressing save I get the error code: “Error: Code: 2406, msg: skill id invalid”

It means you entered a Data center for another region.
For NL, “Data center” should be set to Central Europe (Tuya Smart Developer Center)
Screenshot from 2022-07-06 18-18-36

That is because the app is not yet configured right, and not connected to the iot cloud

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I have been having troubles adding my motion sensors from Smart life to Homey. I can add the legacy devices but not the original devices. When I try to add the motion sensor it gives the error “Please configure your app first.” I have configured everything and I can only add legacy devices.

Does someone know how to fix this? See pictures.

Please start by reading post #1 and use the smartphone app Tuya Smart instead of SmartLife


I get the error message in the Tuya cloud app
"error;code;1004;msg sign invalid

(ook voor Homey dus :wink: )

The cloud setup is working.
Tap to run is working in the local Tyua app.
The flow is selectable in homey but unfortunately the fan is not responding

Legacy = ending
Try the “execute a scene” card instead.

Hello Peter,

Then i get an error and no scene is selectable

Hello Peter,

It suddenly works spontaneously, but only with the scene legacy command

I was going to ask: what setting u use at the app config’s authentication settings
At Choose desired api(s), did you select legacy and official?

Did you hit Refresh scenes at the bottom of the config page? (Or restarted the app?)

btw I have it set at use official only while I don’t want to use legacy devices anymore.

Wondering if you got the airco connected to Homey? I have one in the Smart Life app that I would also like to connect.

Hello, not sure if this has been asked earlier, i did look through a lot of these comments. But I can not seem to add contact sensors. When I add a device, i get these options only.
No way to add a contact sensor via the other devices either. PIR sensors work and relay/switches. Latest app and firmware. Tuya latest also.

Any help would be gratefull, thank you

in the tuya iot is my device not showing up,
my account is connected and i can control it with the homey only the rgb isn’t working

Copy last message from PB:
“You are still using old API. The old API is depricated. The old API is not supporting color for your type of light, only new API supports this. Plz read first post on forum thread about new API and follow instructions carefully. There are also several links in the forum thread to a good howto and details about issues and solutions.”

There is a new test version live. In the new version the pressence sensor is added by @Adrian_Rockall:slight_smile:

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Smart Life should work the same as Tuya.

I found the problem for myself. I was using everything correctly except the datacenter. That fixed the “Please configure app first” problem for me.

I found this site which has the right information for datacenter linked to country. I was using Western Europe in Tuya IOT. I changed to Central Europe and it worked,

Idk, but the datacenter link is just in the manual at post #1

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Hi @Jurgen_Heine I play a bit with code base this evening and I add new two devices.
Air conditioner and smart star projector.

It’s my first steps in homey app, still don’t know how to properly debug apps

Star projector for now is just a copy of lights. But air conditioner kind works. I can send commands, but state is not refreshed when I turn AC by remote. Will try to fix it soon. Anyway. Can I create PR to your repo and ask for review when everything will be working and ready?

Thank you @Grzegorz_Zalewski, I like contributions to my app. When it’s finished I will of course look at the pull request. The getting started guide of Homey is good start to read: Getting Started - Homey Apps SDK. If you have installed Homey sdk on your node.js environment, you have to navigate into your node.js command prompt to root folder of the Tuya app on your machine. Then you can run the Homey commands. If you are using Visual Studio Code, you can attach the debuger after running the app on your Homey. When attached, you can set breakpoints and it can also break on errors. This last part I resently find out thanks to @Adrian_Rockall. One thing more, log as much as possible. All the logging is send when someone has a problem with app en sends a diagnostics report. Otherwise it’s verry hard to find problems.