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Are commands still counted in the app even if they no longer arrive?
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Yes, the app still counts before sending the request.
This way you have an overview about your API usage (flow actions) independent of rate limits (which can be chaged at any time).

New test version 1.9.0:

  • Added flow trigger for charging history entry.
    You can already use the “charging stopped” trigger (charging state) to get an information about the charged energy, but using the history entry you get some information in addition as a trigger.

  • Added trip history to location device. Check your trips in repair view.
    A trip starts on recognized shift state D or R and ends on shift state P.

  • Added flow trigger for trip history entry.

You can use these trigger to export the history entries to an external log, e.g. using the MySQL app.
If needed, you can clear the histories in repair view.

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Hi All, the Tesla App seems to be working just fine for me. I’m not having any API issues (I think).
However, I do have an issue in one flow.

My flow should trigger when the charging plug is plugged in. However, this doesn’t seems to be registered. There is a LOT of time between the event, and the time Homey is notified. I think this doesn’t happen at all on its own, but then is updated by some other event. I have been monitoring for hours, and Homey still says “unplugged” in the Tesla App.

Any idea what this could be causing?

instead of “charging cable changed” you can also use “charging state changed” trigger and then check for your state “Connected”.
Please check the online interval. If it’s too long (>5 or 10min) it can happen that the car is asleep too fast and Homey doesn’t get a data update. This can happen if the cable is onyl plugged in without charging. When charging, the car keeps awake, if its not charging, it can go to sleep after some minutes if it’s not cooling down battery or dringend climate.

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Are you using the test version?
I got some crash reports for an issue that could cause the devices not updating correctly if there is no location device added.

This should be fixed with test version 1.9.2.

The trip history entry in app version 1.9.3 does not work. It is not recorded.

My Trips yesterday and today are logged. Does your car provide the shift state?

I get notified when I arrive at work or home and the kilometers have been counted and now it’s in park.