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thanks for correction. I’m not sure during translation which word should/can be translated or not.
So you prefer complete english text in this case. In german it’s also used mixed like “Sentry-Modus”, so the “mode” part is in german nevertheless.

You don’t need to create accounts. During pairing, the Homey app is added to your car (like a key card). It’s only registered in the car so the car can check the origin of a command and if it trusts the sender (app).

It should look like this:

No probs. Any time!

Dutch screenshot.

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I admit that during authentication, the authorizations are a little scary(Can remove key cards, access to your car ), and I would have preferred to create a driver account for security. But I just want to know if it can work?

The scopes are defined by Tesla. I can only use the 4 scopes. But the app only uses the commands that are usable in flow actions or device buttons. The app doesn’t remove keys or drivers.
I cannot define the right more granularly

You can check the rights or remove of the app in your account:

And you can remoce command access in your car (if registered). So you have control about the app.

For the previous app you created a token with full access and without control or possibility to revoke permissions :wink:

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Love your app, i used the old one, and found it very useful.

I can’t find a function to open the trunk in the new one. It is really helpful with a flow and google assistant when your hands are full.

Previous post is showing the account settings where you can remove the app completely from your account to start new paiting with different scopes.

That’s not implemented yet. I could not imagine to open a trunk in automations. But your voice command example is a good usecase. I’ll take it on my todo list.

I checked the data provided by the API/car. Child lock is not included.

Great app :grinning: :ok_hand: :+1: :clap: :raised_hands:
Please send me your IBAN, thanks

New test version 1.0.3:

  • Translations
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Ahh :smiling_face_with_tear: Thanks anyway! :facepunch:

You can check the whole vehicle data in the fleet api docs:

Click the Click to view successful response in the right JavaScript example.

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One question. In the old app we could turn charing on/of and set the charge rate.
I dont understand how this can be done now by Tibber?
What you meen is that we have to use a smart-charger instead of the Tesla app?

Sorry just in german.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-01-17 00-10-57
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-01-17 00-11-12

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Like this


Perfect, thanks Ronny! And I like the app.

Why not connect your Tesla in the Tibber app, then you can set departure times and it will always start charging at the cheapest (depending on your departure time)

The Smart Charger app started with the focus on charging and charge control.
The new app is focused on Tesla integration (the car and its functionality).

Charge plans are skipped because many users are doing this with other logic (direct integration in your energy provider apps, AdvancedFlows, time based, based on PV system).

Next test version 1.0.4:

  • Homey energy settings added to battery device
    This added a measure_power capability to show up in Homey energy dashboard.
    Next version will provide a location selection to use this power measurement only a a selected location (home) to prevent wrong energy data if your are charging on the way.

  • Prepared for permission update:
    Next version will add permission for Homey location. A timeline hint is added.
    In this case, auto update is not possible. Next version must be installed manually from app store. I’ll give you an update if the new vesion is approved.