[APP][Pro] Tesla Smart Charger

How many minutes is this window?

I’ve disabled data fetch, and if I understand correctly, the app will start streaming if I start driving during this window.

Is it possible to add triggers for “came online” / “went offline”? This way I could enable data fetch when it is awake and disable it when it’s sleeping.

It finally worked, just needed some patience!

Did you fix this? I’m experiencing the same thing. Could the problem be fetching temperatures in/outside the car? I see that it updates very often.

Fix what ?

Look at the post I replied to.

Hi. Have you learned more about this problem? I’m experiencing the same thing as you. The car is not going to sleep before 00:00.

Today I turned on notification when the state of the car changes. My charge period is from 18:00 and the planned charge start at 01:00 according to the token. The charging stopped right away after I connected the charger, but it’s after that the problems starts. The car won’t go to sleep and are making many ticking noises. When I disable your app it’s not like this. Pasting a screenshot of the notifications.


Would it be possible for the app to follow the grid-feed-in while charging? grid-feed-in data is coming from another plug-in (SMA in my case)
So another charging status: automatic, off, manual and ‘PV-only’
You can change the charging current with the API to match or underperform the grid-feed-in so the car is only charged when sun is producing an excess of energy.

Thx K≡vin

Did you try this app?

@balmli Can you please look at the problem I describe above?

I’m expecting my M3 anytime soon now (absolutely getting nervous now!) and looking in ordering a wall connector to charge at home. Currently looking into the Tesla Wall Connector 3 (if anyone has some advise on this, always welcome) but I have some questions in combination with this Homey app;

  • As I understand correctly I can stop and start the charging with this app and leave the car plugged in all the time? For example; if solar output is above XXX then start charging or when start washing and cooking then stop charging?
  • “Set charging current” is to change the “speed” of charging? So I can decrease it for example when there’s less solar power and increase it back again?

So looking forward in using this app!



I have a Waalbox and the home power station from E3DC, this automatically adjusts the charging current to the power of the solar system.

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We have a gen3 Tesla charger and it works well, the charge rate can be set from within Tesla app so it is possible to keep charging rate within what your solar PV system is putting out. It is also possible to set charging schedule within the Tesla app to take advantage of overnight economy 7 type tariffs.
That said, I have ordered a second model 3 and will be installing a myenergie Zaapi charger as they work betetr with solar PV installs then Teslas own. We already have a Myenergie Eddie for use with solarPV excess and that system works very well