[APP][Pro] Simple (Sys) LOG - Use this app for Simple (Sys) Logging


I’ve been trying to use the card ‘Get the (whole) log as’ in an advanced flow. When running this flow I can’t figure out where the file is saved? I have Better Logic Library installed.


I have tried using the FTP Client but am not able to access my Homey. Perhaps that is the problem? I get the following error:


Do I need to install the FTP/Web server application or do I need to search elsewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Well yeah, you can install a FTP server on Homey if you want, like the Micro Web Server or HTTP/FTP server app.
Than connect the FTP Client app with that FTP server.
Now you can write the Excel file (it’s given as a token) on the FTP server through a flowcard in the FTP Client app (which accepts Base64 files) :slight_smile:

Thanks Arie!

I think I understand now, the card doesn’t really download a file, it simply fills the token. In the next step I can use a card from FTP Client to save the file using this token. Right?


Well, the token contains the whole file, encoded as Base64 (binary file converted into a string/text).
Once the Get Log is done, the file is actually already “downloaded”. You just need to save it in a way you yourself can download it :wink:

Remember to first add a FTP device which connects to your FTP server.

Then this flowcard can be used, right after the “get the log” flowcard

Thanks! Managed to download the log as an Excel-file now to my Homey using a device created from the Ftp Client app.
Opening the file, Excel claims there’s a problem with the /xl/sharedStrings.xml-file, so maybe there’s an incorrect or missing tag in that file (it can be edited renaming the Excel-file to zip).
However Excel manages to repair the file, so I can live with that :-).

Indeed, the node-module i use in BLL to create the xlsx file, still has some bugs in it.
I hope it gets fixed soon, i am watching the updates on it.


@Arie_J_Godschalk: Since approximately one week, the Simple (Sys) Log app (v3.0.25) is crashing every day on my Homey Pro (Early 2019, v8.1.4). I now found out it crashes every time Homey makes a back-up. Do you have any suggestions what I can do to prevent the app from crashing?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Any change your Homey "hard"disk is full?
I do have some crashreports with ENOSPC: no space left on device.

Thanks for your reply and I appreciate your help!
In settings, it shows that both storage and memory are not full. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

Well, you are using a lot of space for SimpleLog, perhaps automaticly delete old logs?
And then see if it still crashes during a backup?

Because i don’t really have control over what happends during a backup, but if you reduced the size of SimpeLog and it stops crashing, then there might be a limit on how large a app-size may be during backup?!

Great, I’ll give that a try! Thanks for your advice!

There is a new setting for automaticly deleting old logs btw.

O nice, I found it. That’s easier than a flow.

Just deleted the entire log and made a back-up. The app didn’t crash!

I also found that I had accidentally enabled a test flow which created a log item every time a sensor value has been changed. This caused about 20-50 log items to be written in 5 minutes time which explaines why Simple (Sys) Log was using so much space. Of course, I now deleted this flow :smile:

Thanks for your help, I gave you a donation.

Thanks m8!

And yeah, be carefull: The old SImpleLog allowed for just 2000 loglines, however, the new version allowes many many more log-records!
I have just tested writing 250.000 records into the log on my HP2023:
It used “just 12.9MB”.

So, since you were using more that 400MB, i think you literally had millions of records :slight_smile:


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I just reinstalled my Homey (from scratch) and I am re-creating flows.

I the past i use simple log to log something, but it has changed (alot).

When i now write a log and want to view it I get an error:

The betterlogic app is installed…

Where can I view the log files which i created a flow card:
Screenshot 2023-06-06 114208

What happends if you restart the SimpleLog App?

that worked :slight_smile:

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Wow, great @Arie_J_Godschalk ! Thanks for the option to hide the group name in the timeline :smiling_face::+1::+1: