[APP][Pro] Simple (Sys) LOG - Use this app for Simple (Sys) Logging

In test now, a triggercard which can be set with optional arguments and has tokens.

Ticket resolved: QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.SimpleLog / issues / #15 - Idea : Trigger Flows. — Bitbucket


The Automater script had been update:

Still only for advanced flows, but it works much better now :wink:


It would be the Swiss knife, if it would support also Standard flows ! :wink:
But it’s already kind of miracle, considering what it does :wink:

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Working on it right now :wink:

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Can test it later on my 600 flows :wink: I’m not sure I will be happy what I could find out ;-)))

Well, i do have a script to remove ALL flowcards from a certain app. Not sure if that would be what you want then though :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Peter_Kawa , @Henk_Renting and @Sharkys

Now it will add cards to the normal flows aswell.
Here you go:

You need to update to the test version first tho for the new condition flowcard.



Fantastic Arie…just to be sure, remove as well ? :slight_smile:

Nope, thats not part of it yet.
But if needed, that could be made, just not now anymore.

But you can run it for single/multiple flows by name first.

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It’s just to revert in case system would get overloaded…or simply for clean-up, when flows got updated over time.

Yes, works nice, just tested for few flows, including else conditions, really nice :wink: Well done ! Finally powerful monitoring of what flows does and how often.

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Thanks, @Arie_J_Godschalk, much appreciated!
Got some “homework” to do now, this weekend! :wink:

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Cool, it succesfully removed all cards of a certain app from standard flows now. The console showed 189 flows were involved.
That saved me about 189*3 (select flow > select card dropdown > select ‘delete’, minus a few clicks to copy/paste/edit script) = 550 mouseclicks :pray:
(Pro 2019)


I barely dare to write this, but… I own a Pro19 and
the script returns errors for standard flows unfortunately, it adds no SSL cards yet.
One flow has a conditional card, the other has not, it’s just a ‘When Then’ flow

I hope these console logs are of any help:

It points to these lines of code

I’ll PM a extended console log, Arie.

Did you install the latest Test version of Simple Log?

I have updated the Script to better work with HP2019-.
Please note that this script only works when you install the current test version of Simple Log.


Simple log now counts (from now on) the amount of logs there are:

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SSL is on auto update, so I can’t tell for sure…
But it now works on Pro2019 with the script v1.0.6 while on SSL v3.0.30 ! :pray: :partying_face: :tada:

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Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk , I decided to test that adding/removing Simplelog on ~600 flows, unfortunately getting API timeouts, script stopping “in the middle”…luckily removal seems to works for both Regular and Advanced flow already ?
Anyway, is there some way/workaround for those Api timeouts ? Eg. intentionally delaying it to prevent it ? Or , is it safe to run both script repeatedly until it finishes all flows ? I know I can for removal, but not sure about script when adding Simple logs.



Those not found are broken flows ?

No, removal for Normal flows doesnt work yet.
(Or do you mean the removal script? Because yeah, that one works fine for all flows).

And the create script will keep starting from the frist flow.
You can keep running it, without harm or duplicates, but it will always start with the first flow, so probably it will not finish.

I’ll work on a solution for it.

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