[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Thank you very much. I was at the right track but this is simpler.

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Thank you for a great app! I am using the following card:

Uten navn

The input is the number of hours my car needs charging which is based on the battery soc and car charger amp setting.

The issue is that this card only takes a number value 1-5. So today, when the car needs 6 hours of charging, the card output is negative.

Is there any reason the card only takes 1-5? Are there any other good ways to solve this?

I love the forecast electricity prices in PbtH. Up to now I just watched. I think of using it when trying to optimise charging my care or heating, which might be delayed for a day.
I the last two weeks I realised, that the estimated price is constantly and often far too high.
Forecasts are forecasts and not known values. So such effects can always happen.
I just wondered, whether there is a special characteristic in the electricity market or if the AI is going nuts and needs to be re-emptied, re-educated or what ever can be done.
No complaints, just a hint in case someone missed the incident.
To emphasize my observation I recorded the next-day’s price for DE_Germany_DE_LU (adjusted by my tibber add-ons for a week now and you can see that around 1 pm the highest and lowest price for the next day drops everyday by an remarkable amount. (The first day I had some trouble with the flow :woozy_face:)

Hi @bMi ,
unfortunately I do not know, why it is limited, and I do not see a simple work around.
I do not know your flow, but even if it worked well, there might be situations, where the effect is not as you expected.
Let’s assume the prices drop continuously by 0.1ct every hour for the next 3 days. Then your car will never be charged until the prices rise again.
My idea was to calculate the remaining time until I need the car and kWhs needed to get the car filled and calculate the hours to charge and the maximum hours until when charging must be finished, every hour and use the card
Nth lowest in N hours
But even there PbtH looks only 8 hours ahead, I was told. So far it worked quite well. But there is space for adjustment.
And now I have to check what happens when the charging time is above 6 hours. My small car does never need more than 5 hours at about 10 kW charging power.

Im using an external service for the AI predictions. If you can find a better (and free) source that supports all ENTSO-E markets, Im happy to integrate that.

I can take a look if I can extend that to more hours without causing other issues. (Hope I dont forget, dont have time for some days)

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version 6.5.0 is ready for testing: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • BAT: Added support for Blauhoff Afore and Blauhoff Deye. (@Driesk @sorted.bits pls test)
  • SUM: added flow card to change tariff_update_group. (@OH2TH pls test)
  • DAP: Added AND card price_highest_avg_before. (@mw236 pls test)
  • DAP: Extended card selection price_lowest_in_next_known_hours to 20 hours. (@bMi pls test)
  • homey-api@3.4.33

can confirm that deye (solarman and modbus) can be added as home battery monitor (Thuisbatterij monitor) :+1:

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Where do i find some more information about the ROI cards. I did a forum search but the best info i could find is in de opening post in the sessy topic. Could someone expain when and how to use the: new ROI power is available card and calculate the best smart ROI power. My goal is to create a flow which tells a hybrid inverter to load (from grid or pv) or to deliver power to the load.

Search the Sessy topic (only in Dutch)

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DAP: Tested 20 lowest hours just now 1. jun 13:35 GMT+1, and it does work. Thank you! :star_struck:

The help text could need an update to reflect the updates.

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The workaround I ended up with was a bit cumbersome. I created another variable that contained the x number of hours above 5 (which was the limitation in the app at that time), and a new flow of logic that basically charged the number of hours that were the x cheapest current day.

The way the market price of power is determined, we do not know tomorrow’s prices until 13:00 the day before, so never getting a charge was not an issue.

You can enable price prediction… But the predictions can be off quite a bit.

@CasperV many thx for your kind donation! :heart::beer:

my spot electricity price stopped updating today. I restarted the application and the whole Homey and nothing helps. Don’t know where the problem might be?

II tried installing two new devices. One with the prices of Austria and one with the prices of the Czech Republic. Austria is working fine and the new device with the Czech Republic is also not working… Is it possible to fix the prices for the Czech Republic somehow? For the fix I support this super app. Thank you very much

After midnight everything got going. So it looks like the problem is solved.

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Now in the netherlands the power-out also becomes relevant,
Is it an option to also make this an input parameter of the power summarizer?
Or make a device that does the summarision on the powerout parameters instead of the power in?

PS, if its a double request, let me know (didnt have time to chech GIT/Topic)
Just an idea i had, because i missed it :slight_smile: