[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Hey. Excellent app. Wondering if it’s possible to push a picture of lets say cheapest 4 hours in the next 8 or something similar? Was thinking of using this to predict when car should be charging.

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There is a flowcard with the data as JSON. Also if you figure out the http address of the images, you can push that.

Aah sweet I didnt see that flowcard. Gonna play around with that. Thanks :grin:.

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Since today, you can also trade in the ‘onbalans markt’ through FrankEnergie. I assume this is completely separate from Homey? Is it still possible to keep track of the revenue you have generated?

yes, but you can switch that mode on/off with Homey if you have a Sessy.

Partly. Power By The Hour keeps track of the revenue/cost based on the actual dynamic price. That number is still being tracked and should match what your suplier (FrankEnergy) charges.
But the revenue from ‘onbalans’ is seperately given as a ‘bonus’. How much the bonus is is unknown to Homey (and actually how the bonus is calculated by FrankEnergy is a mystery to me :wink: )

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Thank you so much for adding this, even if I just discovered it. I really needed this. Thanks!

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Same for Austria. Sometimes it’s off, sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s somewhere between Alpha Centauri and GN-z11. But I still use it, because most of the time it’s ok-ish.

Not for tomorrow, but most of the time :wink:


@Rrrr Many thx for your kind donation. Much appreciated! :partying_face::heart:

You are welcome, I was a bit embarrassed I had not done it before!

Anybody who is using an app frequently and wants to thank a developer for his work and his support to all of us, it is very easy to do…simply go to links like this one.


Is this problem solved for you after the last update?

This problem didn’t occur in the past few weeks a far as i remeber. Can’t reproduce if this is since the last update, but it looks like it.

I still have this problem on my HP19. My HP23 has no problems.
Both are on the same PBTH version. 6.4.1
For now I will restart the app every day or 2 days. It is not a big deal but strange.

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Is there a way to change the calculation of the SonnenBatterie ?
Now it’s calculation like we buy power. But in fact the Solarpanels are charging the batterie.

It looks like I can’t change that value.

Also the price at the batterie is stuck at 0,25 while the price at this moment should be 0 €.
Should I make a flow to change this value ?

Best regards
Jan Wynen

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I have never noticed it before but it seems that in a summariser it goes wrong when there are two negatives.
At this moment in this month, I have -4,71 kWh consumption and -8,63 euro as costs.
The average for this month is calculated at 1,8267 euro/kWh.
I think this average should also be a negative amount instead of a positive amount, is this something I can adjust somewhere in the summariser or in PBTH?

Mathmatically this is correct. The average price per kWh is in this example a positive number (correctly). But because you delivered back to the grid the total ‘cost’ is a negative number.

(Why) is it an issue for you that the calculation is working the way it is done now?

Thx for the reply.
It is not an issue for me, it seemed strange to see it this way and I thought it should be a negative number.
So I thought to mention it so it could be corrected but as I understand now it is already correct.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for this great app.

I suspect that a VAT calculation error is being made in the app.
In the Netherlands, VAT is levied on all components, even on energy tax.
Now VAT (21% onder variabele opslag) appears to only be calculated on the stock exchange price.

In my opinion, the variable surcharge/VAT calculation should be based on the total amount.
So including energy tax, purchasing cost and the stock price of the gas itself.

“Vaste opslag per m3” + “Gas Prijs” = X * 21% = Totaal prijs.


Ok, found out that Tibber uses prices without VAT on energy tax & purchasing cost on there website.
So the Vaste opslag per m3 should already be with the VAT included.
This should than be the way to calculate te correct prices.

I have tried to add a flow to automatically reduce heating systems target temperature during the two most expensive hours of the day. What trigger shoud I use so that the app would always find the expensive hours (no matter what the price) and reduce temperature during those hours?

By the way, this is amazing app!! I love it.

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