[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

When a new hour starts, the price changes. The term ‘becomes’ has to do with that the flow card represents a status change that is causing the flow card to trigger.

So just to clarify, you are saying that “When **** becomes…” -flowcards trigger always if the mathematical criteria of that card is fulfilled regardless if the previous hour fulfilled the criterion or not? That is, the two alternatives in the below example always produce the same result, regardless if the previous hour was among the 4 highest:


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Hi, is it correct that the pictures from Gas prices is not there anymore?

@Glenn_Dijkstra Gas from ANWB is no longer updating this week. Too bad it’s been out more often lately.

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New version 6.4.0 is ready for testing: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • DAP: Added new price hour trigger.
  • DAP: Added UK Gas prices.
  • DAP: Fixed EGSI and EOD Gas prices.
  • homey-api@3.4.29

This version fixes EGSI gas prices, and adds UK gas prices.

Also it adds a new trigger card ‘New price hour starts’. This card will trigger on a new hour, even when the price remains the same. Using this card makes sure all price info for the new hour is available for your flows. The existing card ‘The price has changed’ would do the same, except that it doesnt trigger when the price remains EXACTLY the same. Gedeelde Flow | Homey

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Thanks for fixing @Gruijter it works again!

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Just a quick question, at what time will the prices for tomorrow be announced?

And another thing, how can you make a donation without pay pal?

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Usually just after 13hrs.

I only have a paypal donate link. But if you cannot sleep I could send a tikkie via DM.:wink: