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Mmh indeed. I have the same. Will investigate. Thx!


Dear all in the dev team, what an amazing job you are doing here with PBTH. Thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart:

Now to the issue I can’t seem to resolve, probably because of my own incompetence.

Since your update introducing the ability to add extra summarizers I would really like to be able to measure e.g. the total energy of several individual devices.

I just installed four different groups of facade lighting on my house and now want to track the energy data for them. (Controlled by fibaro z-wave dimmers with built in energy meters)

I’ve tried a virtual meter and then pushing the energy data from each dimmer via a flow but it seems the energy summarizer only saves the last device to send its data.

Is this already possible to achieve and Im just doing it wrong?

To summarize my need:

  1. Be able to choose several individual devices to record energy data from.

  2. In addition to 1 above: to include all energy measuring devices in the zone where the PBTH-meter is added with option to include parent- and/or sub-zone

Once again, big thanks for this app! :muscle::heart_eyes::+1::pray::house_with_garden::zap:

Best regards,

Hi Rikard, afaik this can easily be done with a < group > app device as in-between. It can group devices with matching capabilities and it sums the values without flows.
When you add a group app device, and select ‘power’ as matching capability, you’ll be able to select your individual power devices.

Now, you can add a power summarizer, and select the group device as input.

As example, I added the “1.Growatt”, another 2 Growatts (not in screenshot) and “4.SlimMeter” power sensors to a group device called “3.Power devices.”
Then the summarizer “3.Power devices” shows the total power of the grouped devices:




Groups app is indeed the way to go for you. Or alternatively update the virtual PBTH device with a flow where you update it with the kWh sum of all devices.


I added it to the list

@jeehaa I will put your request on the list

request: add all day ahead gas prices from powernext: Spot market data | Powernext

This is now fixed in version 4.7.6

feature request: handle Daylight Savings Time (DST) when clock moves forward. (Note: DST handling when clock moves backwards is already implemented in v4.7.6)

Hi @JeeHaa I am testing now with adding Homey Energy as source. You can add the totals for

  • Solar Panels
  • Smart Meters
  • other devices

as seen in the Homey Energy tab in the mobile app. I will let you know when I have a test version ready for you somewhere this week probably.

Cool, thanks! Do you mean it can use the total consumption for “Home” as configured in “Homey Energy”? So including calculations for virtual On/Off devices and dimmable devices (e.g. 8W bulb at 50% = 4W)?


I just want to compensate for some unmonitored devices by creating a virtual device with an estimated daily average consumption, maybe measured for a few days of typical use. want to risk connecting a freezer to a smart plug and finding out during a holiday that the plug died. :wink:

Yes, so you can add the Smart Meters total, the Solar Panels total, and the Devices total (displayed under the different zones).
The devices total includes devices with estimated power.

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I do see a “Money prev. Day” on a PBTH device, but is it also possible to show “kWh prev. day”? I know there are tags available to work with, but for a quick comparison it would be nice to have.

And another one: it looks like the energy consumption/day displayed on my Greenchoice account is lower than what PBTH displays using the Frient ZHEMI101 energy meter: 8kWh vs 9kWh. Shouldn’t these be more or less identical, assuming that counting pulses + smart meter measurements are using the same source and are pretty accurate? What’s the experience of others?

You could put that in as a feature request (not here, but on the seperate thread for that)

Edit: LOL this is the right thread for feature requests :rofl:. Ill put it on the list, but not sure if I will ever add that function. I feel the PBTH device is already crowded with info. What do others think about this?

Yes. Is greenchoice using the same hours for a day? PBTH uses midnight to midnight local Homey time. Or did that only happen once for last weekend when the DST ended? Or do you have solar panels maybe? (a pulse meter is not capable of measuring power returned to the grid afaik).
Edit: yeah, so this question should be posted in the other thread, since it is not a feature request :wink:

First of all, this is a great app! Thank you for developing this.

In the opening post I see that there is a feature request on the list to increase the window to look for cheap prices beyond 8 hours with DAP. The original post looks to be deleted. I’m not sure how far it would be increased, but I would like this too.

My use case is that I would like to use this to start and stop charging my car. I mostly work from home, so in most cases there is no deadline for charging my car. Let’s say I need to charge for 6 hours, I could make a flow that charges for 2 hours before a certain deadline so that the car is always ready for the next trip and the remaining 4 hours I would just like the cheapest energy possible. I wouldn’t mind if that slides into the next day or even the day after. If I need my car to be full, I could always boost it and accept a higher rate.

It would be great if we could have the window in which it looks for low rates extended. It does not need a deadline, because you can also calculate that in a flow and set the number of hours you are willing to wait dynamically.

  • Tariff is one of the [number] lowest in [number 0-36] hours

Of course, you can only work with the data that is already available, but if the energy prices for the next day are announced at 15.00, you have a window of 36 hours for which the prices are known. In other cases, you will have less data available, but you can just ignore that.

There are cards that come close to this, but they are either limited to today or there is a deadline.

Thanks for developing this great app Robin:

I have a couple requests I will separate them in different posts.
First of all:

I mostly use te action: Average price next xx hours is the lowest of the day

for example to start my dishwasher. But the program takes like 2 hours and 20 minutes. So the cheapest block could be different if you calculate the price by minute, since the 3rd hour is only used for 1/3.

Is it possible to implement the action so I can find the lowest average price for xx minutes:
Average price next xx minutes is the lowest of the day

Thank you in advance.

I added it to the wish list.

@JeeHaa I implemented your request in v4.9.0 Can you please test it and let me know? Power by the Hour | Homey

Feature request: Show lowest/highest price/hour for the next 8H.

This would make it easier to manually plan washing/dishwashing etc. Especially with a wireless display like this: [APP][Pro] smpl products - Battery powered e-ink display


Thanks, the Power consumption for the previous day looks fine!

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