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How to configure the PSN device

  1. Install a new PSN device.
  2. In your web browser, visit the PlayStation homepage, click the “Sign In” button, and log in with a PSN account.
  3. In the same browser that you used to log in (due to a persisted cookie), visit this page. You will see a JSON response that looks something like:
{ "npsso": "<64 character token>" }

If you see an error response, try using a different browser.
4. Use the <64 character token> on the advanced configuration of the device

The retrieved npsso token expires after 2 months, the application will try to keep the authentication alive for more times exchanging more tokens (auth and refresh tokens). When the token expires the application will warn you and you can retrieve a new npsso token, hopefully 2 or 3 times a year tops.

How to configure the PlayStation device

  1. Install a new PlayStation device
  2. Configure the IP Address of the console in the advanced configuration.
  3. It’s recommended that you configure a static IP address for your console in your router. The IP address can change on reconnection.
  4. Configure the Account ID and Pin (see instructions below)

How to retrieve your Account ID
Option 1:

We will be using the official account management website and inspect the network responses. This the fastest and easiest method.

  1. Go to https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/ and sign in.
  2. Open the Network Monitor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E
  3. Under PlayStation Network select Profile. (Make sure the Network Monitor is clean before doing this, click on the little trash icon to the left)
  4. Find a request where the Domain value is https://web.np.playstation.com/api/basicProfile/v1/profile/users/me and File value is me.
  5. From the request details, select Response.
  6. The variable accountId will contain your real Account ID.

Option 2:

We will be making a Data Access Request. The request completed in under 12 hours for me.

  1. Go to https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/ and sign in.
  2. Under PlayStation Network, select Privacy Settings.
  3. Select Data Access Request. You will receive a .zip file which will contain a .xlsx (Excel) file.
  4. Your Account ID will be in the Account Detail sheet.

Option 3:

  1. Go to https://psn.flipscreen.games/
  2. Introduce your online name, not the user name but the nickname your friends see.
  3. Submit and copy the Account ID (not the encoded one)

How to retrieve your pin

  1. Go to your console> settings> remote play > enable remote play and click on link new device
  2. Input the pin in the advanced settings in the PS device in Homey.
  3. When saving both settings (account id and pin) you will see the linking screen close and now you can use the on/off functionality from Homey

The Account ID and Pin code should be changed and saved together, let the PS on link mode while you save.
Saving this settings can result in timeouts, sometimes you need to wait to the next day to try again, I couldn’t fix that, it seems the console or network keep things sometime alive that on failure keeps us from retrying.
When turning your console on/off from Homey you can get timeouts after 10 seconds, I’m working on a solution for this, the process is slow because it’s a network process. Maybe I can increase the timeout but didn’t find the way yet. For now it still works but you get an annoying timeout message.

:alarm_clock: Coming soon:
Follow the progress of new features:

Supported languages:

  • :us: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch
  • :es: Spanish

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Waiting for approval for the first version btw


Great thank you!

The console connection is not working well.
My console is on other subnet, maybe it will be better to add an option to manual set an up of the console

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Hi Homey family and @Emiliano_Quetimporta! I have been patiently waiting for an app like this. Thank you so much. Having a bit of an issue. Recieving the same error message as @iBush. What are we doing wrong?

Just discovered that Mac discovery doesn’t work well. I’m publishing now again so you can manually input the ip address of the console. I still have to figure out how to wake/standby from homey, but you can use the triggers coming from the console

Give me error when i want to search for PS5 on my network

Just published. The test version allows now ip address instead of mac discovery. PlayStation | Homey

@Jgalpine80 @iBush

Im editing the original post with some more information


You are welcome! Any ideas you’d like to see soon in the app?

@Emiliano_Quetimporta, PS5 is connected ! Thanks again can’t wait for the on/ off triggers up and running. It would be nice if you could cast the artwork of the game playing right on the Homey app and add it as a trigger to flows. Also a pause button. That would work great with a presence sense flow. Really appreciate what you are doing keep up the good work! I was really waiting on someone to create this app. :coffee: :coffee:

hi, I was really looking forward to the Playstation App for Homey. Thank you very much.
But it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t see Playstation. What to do? There is no settings section.

I found the 1.1.1 experimental version.
But turning on and off PS doesn’t work, so I can’t activate PS. At the same time, I can’t test whether turning off the PS and also turning off the TV or turning on the PS would activate the colored lights.

You should be good to go as of version 1.2.0: track = game

Some games don’t have an image to show, I want to search online for them on the next version.

Turning on and off the Playstation has my thoughts but it is not ready yet. You can still use the on/off triggers but you cannot send on/off commands. Also FYI for @KestasM

You should open the device, go on the top right to the cog :gear: icon for the settings, open advanced settings, and you can then configure your device. I’ve noted to make this process user friendlier in the future, thanks for the feedback!

I don’t have triggers on/off.

Hi Emiliano, thank you very much for this awesome integration. I’ve been eagerly anticipating a PlayStation integration with Homey for quite some time now.

I have a suggestion: Would it be possible to have the “Status Indicator” show the name of the game you’re currently playing?

If you install the PSN device you get that in the media of that device when you open it. I will see if it’s possible to show it on the tile as well. Thanks for the suggestion

New version 1.3.0 (on test now, will be released very soon)

Added played time today (with insights) and When card.


:alarm_clock: Coming soon:
Follow the progress of new features:

:bulb: Do you have any ideas or suggestions ? Don’t hesitate to leave a message!

:heart: Happy with my work? Your support to continue developing this and new apps is always appreciated.


Hi all, does this app also work for a playstation 3?

If ps3 uses PSN then yes, configure the PSN device. The PS device I think only works for PS4 and 5

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Thank you very much, guys, that there are good and smart people who know how to program :slight_smile:

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