[APP][Pro] Pipup

Which version are u using?

Because this version has a fix for that.

Sorry, Installed 1.05 and now it works :slight_smile: now I hope someone bright also manage to get proper images from the ring units also and not stored ones :wink: anyway awesome work :slight_smile: I have a Sharp Aquos :slight_smile:

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Version 1.0.5 now live in the store!

Awesome app, use and love it, every day!!! Thanks a lot

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Hi Roco, many thanks for this app. I am getting temperature updates on my Android tv. I wanted to make sure with camera screenshots there is no way to make them appear when the camera using authentication. I use Dahua app for my cams and it is probably the same case. Many thanks.

Hi, is it possible this great tool does not work in a flow with more actions? If the only action is presenting the pipup it works great. Thx!

Can u share that flow plz? Should work both ways ofc.

Hi, this is the flow.
It tels my daughter to go to bed.
I have test again but it does not pipup.


Ok. And what happens when u hit the test button?

the test button in the flow manager, nothing.
The flow runs behalf the the pipup.

a testbutton in the pipup app would aslo be a good idea

hee, when i open the pipum app in the TV again ik works

i seems that it does not work anymore afther the tv was shut down

Great app, thanks!

After struggling a bit on a Sony Bravia Android 9 at first it didn’t work. I had to change a setting in Apps/special app rights/display before other apps/pipup. It worked to moment I activated this setting on the TV.

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Had to do something similar with my new Philips tv yes.

Does it work with android 8 on a sony?

Seen peeps with a Sony and also seen messages with Android 8 so it’s wurth a try aye?

Ininstalled it, but i dont get it to work. Wil try a little harder, knowing it must work on 8.

Please ask again if it doesn’t work, no problem at all. Also look at the rights settings on the tv settings for the PiPup app plz. Like stated a few posts up.

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I cant adjust the settings. Something to do with android 8. It should be better in 9. Think its not possible in the “normal” way.