[APP][PRO] Oss

Homey app to integrate to your Oss.no - chip from https://oss.no/

You will have access to your current power usage and total consumption.

Requires access to the Internet. Values are refreshed once per minute.


  • Add the “Oss-Chip” device.
  • First step: Enter the email address you use for Oss.no.
  • Second step: You will receive an email from Oss.no. Now enter the code that you got in the email.
  • Third step: Enter the meter ID for the AMS - meter the Oss.no - chip is plugged into. You will find the 16 digit meter id on the front of your AMS meter.

It might take a couple of minutes before you can see the values.



  • Added triggers for ‘Consumption yesterday changed’ and ‘Consumption today changed’.
  • Avoid zero result from Oss.no API.


  • Power usage for yesterday and today.
  • Added API that can be used for showing power usage on a Lametric smart clock.


  • First version for app store.
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Thanks, Nice job!

Possible to CLI install? Don`t find it on your Github, currently 0.9.0 is in store, thx!

I want some feedback first, then update app store with 0.9.2.

Even positive feedback is nice to get :slight_smile:

I will, still waiting for Oss, they said 2-3 hours after first connection, will give you som feedback this evening!

Happy to see the Oss-app as requested in app requests, thanks to Bjørnar Amli!

Currently I combine Tibber and Oss via a splitter connected to the HAN-port, still waiting for Oss to update, a bit unsure of the Oss update frequency and accuracy, we will see :slight_smile:

Still a nice addition to MQTT data, since Oss have a couple of datasets Tibber has not.

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0.9.2 is in app store as a test-version:

Great work, thank you!

I was testing their node examples on GitHub yesterday, revisiting the RPi Zero installed in my fuse panel.
It seems their example code isn’t working anymore, so I gave up. Then I now randomly came over their blog from yesterday, rendering my RPi solution obsolete :sweat_smile:

The yesterday/today parameters, are they from Oss.no? Because what would be interesting IMHO is to compare two days ago + yesterday, so you’d know if you used more or less power than normal (of course possible to do this with variables/logic).


Yes, both yesterday and today parameters are from Oss. Today is updated once each hour.

Ok, perfect.
Then I’ll play around with variables and mosquitto for sending stats to a Nextion display :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I’ve been waiting for this since I installed my RPi (which hasn’t really done anything useful yet).

Might still re-revisit that to get constant offline values though.

I am trying to add my OSS-chip to Homey, but recieve an error-message after entering my registered e-mail in Step 1: “Invalid authentication. Try again”

Any Solution to this?

Might be some error with Oss-services right now.

Maybe you can try again in a few hours ?

You can test yourself from this Swagger API site:


The /api/Auth - endpoint, with your email - address

Any chance to make the powermeter support two Ethernet connections? Have Tibber Connected, but would like Oss also, does not work with RJ45 split, or switch.

I have no affiliation with the company Oss, that makes the Oss - chip.

I’ve had two power meters connected to the HAN power with a RJ45 splitter myself: Oss and Puls (from Fjordkraft), and that worked well.

That is interesting, what kind of splitter?

Just a simple splitter, purchased from Aliexpress.

I get error code 500 and the message: {“errorMessage”: “The email request was not accepted”}

The Oss-api might be offline right now. Try again later :slight_smile:

Yepp, have been trying for several days now. So I contacted OSS about the API, and that was the problem. They fixed it and the app is working now. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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