[App][Pro] Onkyo Receiver

Is there a problem with the app? I see the little pause ( || ) next to the app. Someone else also problems?

I just can’t get this app to work anymore.
I fill in the IP adres… I think I fill in the correct port.
Add other settings, press save, it says saved, close the settigns and open it… and it is back to no settings filled in.
something changed cause I used this app since I have a homey which is long…

Nothing has changed for over a year.

So don’t know why this is not working.
Please remove the Only App, restart homey, install the app again and try again.

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Hi, thanks for your app Mickel. Works fine for me.
I have a question: I own 2 receivers: 1 Onkyo-TX-RZ740 and 1 Onkyo-TX-RZ3100ine in 2 differents places of my house. How can I see both of them? I can configure only 1 in the settings…

Thanks for your answer

You can’t only 1 receiver is supported.

But there is a workaround by downloading the source from my GitHub, change some stuff and install it by homey CLI.

Read in previous posts please.
If you need access to my GitHub Onkyo repo please send me a PM


Using this app with an Onkyo TXNR6050, connected to a Hisense TV with eARC. I’m trying to create a flow with custom command but when I use main.selector=tv it changes the input to GAME instead. In the inputs list on the device page in the homey app, it has GAME/TV as well as TV, and the one that’s just TV works properly.

I tried a bunch of the selectors from the eISCP yml on GitHub and none of them let me pick TV, all went to GAME.

Any ideas?