[APP][Pro] Netgear Router - Network control, Presence detection, Energy monitoring

Agree, it is a very lazy way to report anything

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v3.3.1 is ready for testing. It should fix auto discovery of Orbi routers. Netgear Router | Homey

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I have released version 4.0.2 as test: Netgear Router | Homey

This is a MASSIVE rewrite of the Netgear app. Although I thoroughly tested it, expect some bugs to be present.

Main goal of the rewrite is to make it compatible with Homey SDK3. This ensures that the app will be supported on future Homey firmware updates.
Secondly the code was optimized and a new method is used to detect ‘disconnects’ from an attached device.
Thirdly, the information in the device tiles are re-ordered, some extra information was added, and it is now possible to show some of the information in the device tile without opening the tile.

To make all this happen a migration takes place when installing version 4. This will cause some of your existing flows to break (sorry). So after migration: CHECK YOUR FLOWS!

  • Rewrite netgear driver to SDK3
  • Removed Cyber Detector (log_analyzer) driver
  • Keep session open for an hour (no re-login every poll)
  • Migrated capabilities Netgear device (enable device tile display)
    • attached_devices > meter_attached_devices
    • cpu_utilization > meter_cpu_utilization
    • download_speed > meter_download_speed
    • upload_speed > meter_upload_speed
    • mem_utilization > meter_mem_utilization
  • Migrated capabilities Attached device (enable device tile display)
    • link_speed > meter_link_speed
    • signal_strength > meter_signal_strength
    • download_speed > meter_download_speed
    • upload_speed > meter_upload_speed
    • mem_utilization > meter_mem_utilization
  • Detect device offline when not in netgear attached_device list (attached_device)
  • Added Name and IP changed trigger flows
  • Added name_in_router and ip_address capabilities
  • Removed use_bandwidth_info from pair settings page
  • Auto re-login after 1 hr
  • Added hint to report_energy setting
  • Attached_device rearrange capabilities order conn>ip>name>ssid
  • Added MAC to connected/disconnected log info
  • Added migration warning in Homey timeline (check your flows!)
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Who has installed 4.0.2 and can give me feedback on it? I have been running it myself for a week now, and am very happy so far…

Im still on 3.3.1, how do I get to 4.0.2?


click on the link 2 posts above

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Great thx! I’ll let you know how it works. Hope not too much flows break… oh well, we’ll see.

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I wil go for the test version for you :wink:

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Well, I don’t get any crashes or problems reported. So I will probably release the new version to stable soon :crossed_fingers:

I have no problems with the new test version, all flows has not been broken!

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I get the Cannot read property ‘newVersion’ of undefined error

Maybe you have more context for me? Are you a new user? Or did you already have the app before? If so, what changed? What did you do to get this error? How/why is this error a problem for you? What Homey firmware are you on? What version app are you using? What router do you have? Any other relevant information?

This app does everything I want to do, although the main thing I want to do is get a notification if I lose internet access. Unfortunately I don’t have a netgear router.

Do you think your app would work with any router for this function only?


Since 5 days my presence detection (working by detecting phone wifi connection) is not working anymore (router was not logged in anymore)
First thing i did was update my nighthawk mr63 to the latest version.
After the update i am unable to login with any of the login method (auto, old or new).
Thinking about a last resort by removing the router and re adding it. But im afraid my flows get broken.

Anyone got a advice?

I have the same issue and decided to remove the router and re-add it.
But I get an error message saying it can’t read value of null / password (can’t remember).

Issues began with 7.4.1.

Can you send me an app diagnostics report and/or create an issue with the app logs on github?

Same for you Jeroen ^

I Also get the error “Cannot read property ‘newVersion’ of undefined, and the whole device is rendered unusable in homey. It just says “device not available”.

I’ll be happy to provide a diagnostics report if you tell me how.

Edit: It is an Orbi RBK853, app version 4.0.2 (broke with latest update. Homey 7.2.0

Go to the app settings and press the diagnostics report button.