[App][Pro] myStrom - Smart Home

maybe I did not write it correctly…

I installed the v2 plug in the mystrom app. there everything is fine.
but I cannot install it in the homey app because Homey does not show the new device.

By myStrom app I meant the one in the Homey

the app icon of which app?

I just have the problem I mentioned at the beginning:

by the way the dings app in homey is not working either :frowning:

there are only the v1 plugs

Point one: You are the only one where the MyStrom app does not work properly.

Point two: The dingz app definitely works, if not then a lot of homey’s would have the same problem, because the discovery service is provided by Athom. BDW: I am currently making adjustments for the new firmware and everything works fine for me.

Point Three: At the bottom left of the ios homey app you will find 3 dots labeled “More” press them. There again all installed apps are listed. Press on the “myStrom-SmartHome” app and there you will find all installed devices.

I am happy for all the others. I got all three points.
It is neither my wish to waste your time nor to annoy you. sorry!

it is how it is: v2 plugs and dingz device cannot be detected by my homey.

Thanks anyway!

Please make a printscreen of: Tablet > Homey.app > more > App > MyStrom app.

BDW: Is your mDNS service working correctly on the LAN?

mDNS: unfortunately I don’t know that. I googeled mDNS, but I did not understand what I read :frowning:

This service is responsible for finding the devices in the local network. I would suggest you ask a friend or acquaintance with the necessary knowledge if he can help you. Because without it your smart home will never work properly (not only myStrom and Dingz-Devices).

Have the same issue. mDNS is working regarding my Mac, but after some time my V2 switches disapeare. I only have V2 switches. Can not add them to the Homey. No switch added so far… ;-(
Still try to find out what the issue is, maybe in my network, but difficult.

I admit there’s a good chance I made mistakes configuring the router. I don’t really understand any of that.
For example, I disabled UpNp for fear of a hacker attack. Maybe that’s why the plugs can’t be recognized by Homey?

The only thing that I find strange is that IFTTT shows all the plugs.

Current status on the mDNS problem

I’m beginning to suspect where the problem with the switches might lie.

It seems that there are different hardware versions of the switch, which have a different structure of the mDNS record (e.g. host). and for this reason some of them work and others don’t.

I have now contacted myStrom to get the latest documentation.

Gruss Chris

Hi there,
anybody having experience adding a myStrom WiFi switch PQWSE1-WIFI (2022 model) to Homey using the APP by cgHome? My Problem: wenn installing the device in the app, it prompts me to connect, then a window appears “**first install Device via myStrom APP”. I have done so, the WIFI-switch is present in the same WLAN as Homey. Pressing “continue” for the Homey installation of myStrom then, the Homey APP immediately prompts: “no new devices found” (But the myStrom WIFI switch is present in the WLAN, for sure!)
Any clue about this? Is there any conflict with the myStrom switch being connected to the Original-myStrom-APP and Homey at the same time?
Or is the 2022 myStrom WiFi switch not supported anymore by the Homey myStrom-APP???
Thanks for any comment, Ray


I’m experiencing the same problem, it bought 2 switches 2-3 years ago (model pqwsw2-wifi) and it used to work perfectly through this plugin, however 3 month ago one of them stopped working on homey (was still perfectly working in the official app).
Today I decided to remove them from homey, reset them and register again in the official app… wichi works without ptobkem, however homey doesnt see any of the 2 devices.

It might be related to an update on the official app or on the firmware of the devices.

Thanks Chris Gross and Dijker for moving my post to the right topic and for confirming the issue being in work. For the time being I am reading the power value from myStrom WIFI switch via HTTP GET and BetterLogic into my Homey. Works as well although the myStrom APP would be more convenient!

I was also using the HTTP GET till today, with no updates in Homey or App today i paired my 5 MyStrom devices without probs. No idea what changed.

Me neither !:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

Could you tell me what kind of network you have…

THX Chris

Hi Chris

I have a Unifi DM Pro with couple APs. But also here no updates or changes.

Tnx for the App


I have a good and a bad news for you. We were able to narrow down the possible cause of the “no new devices found” problem. It seems at the moment that it is the network and not the Homey or the app. If you have a Unifi DM Pro or Swisscom router, there seems to be a problem with the broadcast via UPD/7979.

Now to my problem. I have a Unifi USG-3 in use (a DM SE is on the wish list😉) and unfortunately can’t test it, so you can team up to find the reason.

With @Viktor it suddenly works, he may be able to help you.

Gruss Chris

Well, I have a cable modem and a netgear router - and the “no new devices found” problem. Unfortunately I don’t understand what is a problem with the broadcast via UPD/7979.