[APP][Pro] Motion Blinds


  • Is this app usable on Homey Cloud with/without the bridge?
    This app is developed to work with the Motion bridge in the local lan. Because Homey cloud cannot access local lan this app is only useable on the Homey Pro platform. The manufacturer and Athom are looking into new versions that connect directly with RF and/or cloud. Personally I will not write those apps. I lack knowledge and experience with RF and because I am just a community enthousiast I’m not willing to pay verified developer fees. I probably also cannot live up to the expectations of one because I do this in my spare time, of which I have not that much to spare. :slight_smile: I am in contact with the manufacturer and will help them with the new apps if I can be of assistance. Also they can use my code if they want to.

  • The blinds do not report the right position. How can I fix this?
    In my experience, especially with Top Down Bottom Up blinds, the blinds do not report their position to the USB hub and Homey when the end position is set to tight. The motor will stop when it detects too much tension, or in the case of Top Down Bottom Up blinds if the top and bottom bar detect that they are touching in the same position. When that happens the blinds do not reach the intended destination exactly and the position report is not sent to the hub. Re-program the end positions so that they are not pulling too tight. This also protects the motor.

  • Does the app also support Eve and/or Thread/Matter
    This app is not intended for Thread/Matter products, only for RF operated blinds connected to a wifi bridge. This app connects to the wifi bridge and nothing else. There are other apps for Eve and/or Matter/Thread.

  • The Homey Motion Blinds app is not working as it should
    If the Motion Blinds app is not working, you are sure you entered the right key in the settings page and something is still not right, then take the following steps: Turn on the debug flag in the app settings, restart the app, try to control a blind, wait at least a minute after that, send a diagnostics report from the gear icon on the top right and post the id that you receive in this topic. Also post any details about your problem with it. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


  • I went though my entire wishlist. Anything you miss? Let me know! No promises, but who knows.
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