[App][Pro] MCOHome App (v1.4.0 | TEST v1.5.3)

Hi @Justin_Koh
Did you get any help from Athom on your issue?

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing slowness with MCOHOME switches on HP2023 after upgrading to It takes 2 seconds to trigger the switches, and sometimes it can even take longer (3-4 seconds).

Is anyone else encountering the same issue?

Edited: Issue resolved by rc100 for all z-wave devices

They tried to help with test scenarios and diagnostic reports. In the end it was decided for me to send it back to them. It should arrive in their hands pretty soon. So I’m Home(y)less again at the moment.

with since the release of rc.100 your homey should be coming home soon.

Hi Ted,

First of all thanks for your great work on all the apps you’re developing.
Today I ordered a brand new Thermostat from MCO Home, MH-3928.
As this seems to be a very recent model, your does not have this driver jet, but… I was hoping you could add support to the app for this device. Here’s the link:
Heat Pump Thermostat-Guangzhou MCOHome Technology Co., Ltd

Thanks in advance for your response,


Hi All,
It seems like my MCOHome light switches are not reporting status to the HP2023.

Is there anything I can/need to do? I’ve did the 20 touches factory reset before pairing.

Thanks in advance.

I also have the MH8-FC4 device and it works perfectly, but FLOWs are missing.
@TedTolboom - can you please add more Flow support, i.e to control the Fan speed and mode (cool/heat/ventilation).



Is it possible to add support for MH8-FC? (It did not work to add MH8-FC4).

Kind regards