[APP][Pro] Magic Home LED

Odd, I have about the same one that works. But there seems to be minor technical differences between the controller causing some to work and other not to work. I have implemented it with a specific configuration that worked for my controllers but appearantly does not for all.

Do you have any technical skills? You should read up on this issue and what you could do to fix it: https://github.com/jangxx/node-magichome/issues/10#issuecomment-456430624

If you are able to find the configuration that works for you I can implement this in the Homey app.

Unfortunately not technical enough. No idea where to begin.

I’m afraid there is not much more I can do without having the actual device.

Can you make this app compatible with the wifi led bulbs of magic home?

Have you tried pairing it as controller already? Might work. If it doesn’t it’s gonna be hard for me to implement without owning such a bulb.

Yes i have tryed it but didnt work.
The bulb is not expensive and easy to order on Ali expres :slight_smile:

There is not much I can do. You could try and request for support in the library I’m using to control the Magic Home LED controllers: https://github.com/jangxx/node-magichome

v1.2.0 - 2019-02-20

  • NEW: added a custom effect card allowing you to create a custom effect with 2 - 4 colors with transtion effect (fade, jump or strobe)
  • IMPROVEMENT: updated magic-home node library and switched to promises for control commands

I personally think the custom effect card is really cool!

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Hi guys, I need some advise. I ordered myself a magic Home rgbww controller with 5 meters of leds. But I don’t know what kind of power adapter I need.

Can someone tell me wich adapter I need?

I see it can use 192 watt (?!) and with 12v it should be 16 amp? Do I really need such a huge adapter? I think I only use 3 meters of the Ledstrip. So, do I only need 3/5 of that power?

On Aliexpress, an RGBW LED strip with 60 LED’s per meter requires 2.88W per meter, so in your case, that would be (roughly) 9W for a length of 3m.

The 192W is a maximum rating, not a required rating (although I wouldn’t suggest running that amount of current through such tiny devices).

Thanks! So a 1 ampaire 12v adapter would be enough I think?

It depends on the type of LED tape you have. If it’s 60 LED’s a meter, 12V/1A sounds fine. But there are also LED tapes with more or less LED’s per meter. Especially when there are more, you’ll need more A.

It’s with 60 led a meter. So thanks!

Is the app compatible with https://www.milightwinkel.nl/MILIGHT-wifi-module-ibox-2-
Thanks for your feedback

Nope, that not a Magic Home controller but a MiLight controller. You could ask Athom for support in the MiLight app: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.milight

Hi, does anybody else have the issue that since the 2.0.5 update of this week after a while (8 hours) the connection from homey to the LEDs is lost? Strangest thing is that the Magic App itself works, however homey gives a time out. And when I reset the LEDs to factory and add them again to homey it works for about 8 hours or so, next day it will fail again

Any pointers on what I could try?

I had the same problem, my solution was to give them a static ip adress in my router. Since then i didnt had problems with it.

I’ll push an update to the app store that should fix this issue and that will update the IP address if it sees it has been changed.

It’s still better to use static IP addresses though.

v1.2.1 - 2019-03-23

  • NEW: added functionality that will update a devices IP address if a change is detected (due to DHCP setup)
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super! I had already switched the led strip to a static IP, but I’ll change it back in a few days to check if the update did solve it