[APP][PRO] License Plate Recognition for Homey

Possible to export logs later, like Papertrails?

What logs?

Your app generates a log in Homey

Is this what you mean?


Or use papertrail to log license plate events via a flow.

Ur right

Can i ask key1 Logic where do you Edit? Or is it in «when»card with a logic card created for the car?like Bmw with register number Logic card?

You need to enter the api key in the app settings.

API key is written! Doesn’t work? Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

The app seems to work fine judging by the logs.

  1. Test the flows. You can try your flows with the built-in test image.

  2. Check the image quality from your camera. You can send the image to your facebook messenger or signal messenger using this app: CallMeBot App for Homey | Homey

  3. Try removing the NO region in the app settings.

I think the reaction of the camera was to slow? And it’s dark, I will try it tomorrow when it’s more daylight. And thank you for your respond Gruijter😊 I’m using netatmo precense. I will download the image app and send it to my messenger and see.

I just remembered, you can also view all the images that were analysed the past 7 days on the dashboard:


Thx it was only pictures of my yard no car😅

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Do you know where to find the adress get image?image url. I think i got it​:ok_hand::laughing:

For anyone looking for the snapshot url of their camera, there is a large database with almost all brands here: Connecting to IP Cameras

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If I am correct the trigger from netatmo gives you one image and that image is still the same after 1 2 or 3 seconds. It doesn’t get a new one.

I did not find a way to get new images from homey with this NetAtmo cam.

Hmmm thats bad🤔

What camera does the job for license plate recognize?
I bought the netatmo because I thought this camera will do the job​:see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:

Maybe if the homey could or license plate recognizer handle stream not just image is that possible?

Not possible unfortunately. Homey and the license plate app work with snapshots. Any camera from the database I mentioned should work. Also camera’s that have a Homey app with snapshot functionality work. Try an ONVIF compatible camera. They have an open interface and there is a very good Homey app from @Adrian_Rockall

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