[APP][Pro] Hiome - (almost) perfect occupancy sensors

Unfortunately it looks like you’re right. You’ve tried to reach him via LinkedIn?

I don’t pay for LinkedIn so I can’t contact him through there but I did send him an email via the address he has published on the neil.gg site. Still no answer though.
If he has dropped it completely it would be nice to get my hands on the code so I could try and make it more reliable for my house.

Exactly, he told me around 1yr ago that he would make the software open source, so we would be able to develop it further. I’ll try to ping him too, maybe he’ll answer.

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Beside the code, is there any other way to get the hardware? If they can’t ship them anymore, do you know any other sources?

Sorry, we are currently sold out.
Please check back soon when we have more inventory.

I read they are bankrupt.
= no more production

Their last message on Twitter dates back to [4 okt. 2020]