[APP][Pro] Heatit Controls app [v3.6.5]

Question regarding flow-cards of Thermostat z-trm3.

What’s the difference between “Turn on/off” and “Thermostat mode, Heating/off”?
It seems like both turns the Thermostat off…in a way.
In which situations is the other better then the other?

Any plans to include the Wi-Fi thermostat?

I just had 3 Z-TRM3 thermostats installed yesterday, but when trying to add them to Homey, they all fail, using the supplied instructions. What could I be doing wrong? All 3 consistently timeout with ERR and is not added as devices.

I had to put my Homey next to the thermostat during the inclusion process, then it worked fine!
Not optional, but it works.
Good luck! :metal:t2:

Hi, i just bought two z-push 8 buttons (which appear in the list of compatible devices in the official heatit app) and when pairing to Homey Pro I get “No compatible homey app has been found for this device. It has been added as a Basic z-wave device”, which makes the device useless.

I found a couple of other posts of people with the same issue, but could not find an answer (Homey-moderators: this monster-thread is very chaotic, it’d better to create a dedicated thread for each device-type: heatit-thermostats, heatit-controllers, etc…)

Any suggestion? (here the device info)


Heatit Z-Temp2 has a parameter for inverted output, but I can’t find that in the app. Where can I find it in app or settings? If not present when will it be added?

I have set it manually to HEA mode, but sometimes it changes to COO mode. And then heating don’t work as it should, and I need to go and change it manually again. Any Idea why this is happening?

From Installers Manual

  1. INVERTED OUTPUT The thermostat can invert its signal sent to external relays. This allows users to use the Heatit Z-TEMP2 in combination with other systems. You can change this behaviour using a quick feature in the thermostat or, using Parameter 15 “Inverted Output”. Changing the behaviour, • From physical device by holding centre and right button for 10 sec. • From gateway by changing parameter 15 (for more information regarding the configuration parameter, see chapter “Configuration Parameters”). The thermostat will display “HEA” for regular operation, and “COO” for inverted operation. You can check what mode you are using by holding centre button for 10 seconds.

Ref. Z-push 8 button. Can @HeatitControlsAB support or fix this bug in the app? I cannot believe that Heatit’s solution is to just keep returning devices and get new ones to try until you find a device without the fault. (which is what i get from the customare service).
The wrote that the fault is “the wrong manufacturer ID in the device, which is not a problem for most gateways, but it is the app from Homey that requires the manufacture ID to be the same for the integration to work. If you include the device into any gateway and look at the manufacturer ID it sold be 0x019B in HEX or 411 in DEC. The 411 is the one u should be looking for”.


"Turn on/off turns on and off the thermostat. This means the display will be off. Thermostat mode means the regulation, if set to off the display will still be on.


The WiFi Thermostat will not be included in Homey since it does not feature an Open API.


We cannot “fix” this in the integration as that would require us to use a manufacturer ID which does not belong to us. We do not have permission to use other manufacturer IDs in our app.


You will need to include association1.1 in group 1, 2 and 3.


You will need to use “Raw configuration parameters”.

As for the issue you have with it automatically changing, how often does this happen and does it happen on multiple devices?

i really don’t understand your answer, this is not a third-party product but an heatit product…“a manufacturer ID which does not belong to us”?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: anyway, my question now is: when i return this and ask to get a new one, how can I identify the faulty products by looking at the information on the label/package? any serial number or something like that?

And, alternatively, is there a way to add this to homey as a generic button and program it somehow?

Hello, I have the same issue with a negative floor temperature. Has it been solved for you? How in that case?
Thanks in advance!


I have a Heatit Z-TRM3

There seems to be an issue with condition Thermostat is on. looks like this function checks if the relay is on, not if the unit is on. This causes issues when verifying if the unit is on or off. Because now and then the unit reports off when it’s on. When the unit reports itself as off, it actually in stby or Idle. I have to use logic and variable Thermostat mode to check the units power state. *condition is turned on - not available…

Can this be fixed or a condition Is Turned On added.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @HeatitControlsAB

I had Athom check my system since the Z-Wave network was way too chatty. They informed me that the Z-Water is receiving a lot of RX from Homey. Could you please check what’s going on? There’s no specific setting for communication and the valves are only operated a few times per day.
Also, I can only change settings on the first relay. If I change for example the temperature reporting interval on the other relays, I get an error within Homey.


Hello @HeatitControlsAB

I have a Heatit zm single relay 16a, with homey, works great.
Is there a command class to reset power meter(KWH) to zero?

This is not mentioned in the user manual, as far as I can see.


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Hi, can you share a screenshot of the parameters on the Z-Water as well as your thermostats?

@HeatitControlsAB sure, but I’m not sure what the thermostats have to do with it? They don’t communicate with the Z-Water. All is done by Homey.

So you are not using associations but automations or flows to control the relays?