[APP][Pro] Gree HVAC app

Tried this but still it cannot Connect back to the airco.


i have this problem I get an error saying that my HVAC went offline and trying to reconnect. Then it reconnects. Happens every couple of seconds,
Has worked until Homey was updated recently

I have two new Gree Comfort X AC. One is GWH09ACC another one is GWHC12ACC. Both added to GREE+ / EWPE Smart app and works properly local and over the web too.
I also able to add both to Homey. However, the GWH09ACC is appeared, but never connected. I got error: Device unavailable. Your HVAC went offline. Trying to reconnect.
I am using the latest firmware (v1.21). Using same network.

I reseted the AC Wi-Fi and readded to the App and Homey to without any success.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Bence


I added a Comport X to Homey and it immediately says that it went offline.
I added a Silver X too at same time, it works fine.

What could be the problem?