[APP][Pro] Gree HVAC app

What I see is “wrong” in terms of Homey is that capability thermostat_mode is expected to be set to “off” when AC is turned off. This is why it is propagating wrongly to HomeKit, as Homey exposes this as thermostat not a on/off device.

I see that you are using gree-hvac-client library and this library is supports only: auto/cool/dry/fan_only/heat modes so it requires a little bit of “magic”. I have created a PR: Update Homey thermostat_mode to Off when device is turned off. by cor73x · Pull Request #84 · aivus/com.gree · GitHub let me know what you think about this.

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Hi Glenn,

Probably you need to update your AC’s with the latest firmware. I had the same issue and after I updated to the latest firmware everything was okay in homey.

Hi Aivus,

I have a problem with connecting my heatingpump from Gree. It can find it when I install it from Homey but after that it says it has no connection with the heating pump. My heating pump is a Gree Versaci III and after I have read that more people can connect their Gree heating pump I would love to have this also in Homey. So I hope you can and will help me out.

Hello Axeblade,

I heard that some modern Gree ACs have different encryption key inside that’s why App may not see the device.

Unfortunately, community doesn’t have solution for this for now.

If your device is showing as “offline” always it could be the case here.

In the next few months I’ll try to add additional options to configure timeouts for the devices.
It allows to increase timeouts to prevent showing device as disconnected.


Thank you for your explanation. I know that the Versace III heating pump is released in Q1 of 2022 so that could be right that they have added a new form of encryption. I hope there will be a solution and that additional options you are going to add will help out. If you want me to test I will help out with that.